Slow applications, disruptive operations, and burdensome management are just few of the issues that Small-to-Medium Enterprises have to deal with on a regular basis. IT fires consume time and resources for these organizations and prevent them from focusing on activities that grow their business. Although all-flash storage can help address these issues at their source, it has been largely out of reach due to cost. These organizations have been waiting for a storage solution that is reliable and simple – yet also affordable. We are excited to announce that the new FlashArray//m10* delivers all-flash storage starting at less than $50K and with the same enterprise-level features and extreme simplicity of the FlashArray //m family.


The FlashArray //m10 includes all software and fully supports the Evergreen Storage model, only available from Pure. With Evergreen Storage, you keep all your capacity as you grow, and you don’t re-purchase it even across product generations. Evergreen Storage means less hassle, less risk, and less cost.

The FlashArray //m10 is powered by a hardware and software combination that is purpose-built for flash – delivering industry-leading 5:1 average data reduction, proven resiliency with non-disruptive operations with full performance, and disaster recovery and protection built-in. For small and medium enterprises, FlashArray//m10 becomes the on-ramp to your own all-flash cloud, bringing an affordable next-generation storage solution with enterprise-proven features:

  • Enterprise Reliability. An enterprise-grade AFA with greater than 99.999% availability.
  • Transformational Simplicity. A SAN that anyone can manage with appliance-like install in under an hour, and provisioning in seconds – no manuals, no training, no tuning, and no maintenance windows required. SaaS-based management with Pure1 allows for effortless management and support – all from the new Pure1 mobile app for Android and iOS. With our astonishing proactive and predictive support, we are working to fix issues before you know they exist.
  • No-Worry Performance. Accelerate key applications and consolidate all workloads with all-flash consistent performance with <1ms average latency and 100,000 32K input/output operations per second (IOPS).

More on FlashArray

For mid-size IT companies, FlashArray//m10 provides simple and reliable storage to flash-enable your business critical applications, accelerate your virtual desktop deployments, and consolidate all your applications on an internal cloud built on lightning fast all-flash.

For enterprises large and small alike, FlashArray//m10 offers an attractive means to flash-enable your very first key business application.


As the newest addition of the FlashArray //m family, FlashArray//m10 allows companies to start small and scale as necessary by upgrading non-disruptively to any other //m.


We’re also excited to announce that the FlashArray //m10 can also be purchased as part of a new FlashStack Mini – an and affordable converged infrastructure offering  occupying just 9 rack units and designed for Small-to-Medium Enterprises. FlashStack Mini combines the FlashArray //m10 with market-leading Cisco UCS servers and networking, as well as virtualization software offerings from either Microsoft or VMware, FlashStack Mini with Microsoft Hyper-V enables Microsoft application consolidation for an on-premise cloud that is 100 percent virtualized and 100 percent all-flash. Organizations can achieve cloud-like simplicity, agility and scale economics in their own datacenter. FlashStack Mini with VMware Horizon View offers organizations an entry level VDI solution that can support up to 1200 virtual desktops, powered by all-flash.


With FlashArray //m10, simple and reliable all-flash storage for everyone is now a reality.

Learn more in the FlashArray//m10 webpage and FlashStack webpage.

*FlashArray//m10 features and pricing preliminary until GA shipment or general availability.