It is a great pleasure to announce that the entire Pure FlashArray family, including the brand new R2, are SAP HANA certified. This certification will enable customers to run SAP HANA in production on Pure’s latest and greatest FlashArray with a 20-30% performance SAPincrease. Now for customers running older FlashArrays, they can seamlessly upgrade their hardware to R2 without any downtime or disruption on their SAP HANA production environment. How cool is that! Best TCO in the industry, when considering that every minute of SAP downtime can easily cost +$10k.

Please follow the link to SAP’s official listing for all certified enterprise storage solutions.

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Want to know more details about the certification tests and best practices to run SAP on Pure, read the Best Practice Guide with great tips.

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BTW, if you are still hesitating starting your SAP HANA migration project, we discussed how you can save up to 75% of software and hardware cost for SAP HANA by using SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering (DT). The same savings apply to the new R2 storage array family. More power and lower SAP HANA cost.

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Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Pure.