Application development has come a long way from a decade ago—and the resulting transformation is shaking up everything from product delivery to infrastructure decisions. This demands simplicity and scale, which Pure Storage FlashStack ® can enable—plus so much more.

The State of App Development Today

The cloud and containerization have transformed application development. They’ve enabled organizations to focus on delivering better application outcomes both for their own use and for their customers. Simplifying application development has revolutionized how businesses compete and deliver value.

Proactive Monitoring is a Non-negotiable

This transformation is also shaping the way vendors deliver technology products. For example, cloud-based management tools allow you to manage infrastructure regardless of geographic location. They increase observability and provide AIOps for smart, proactive monitoring.

Pure Storage® Pure1® is a cloud-based AI-driven data-services platform for storage management. We use it to manage our own products. Pure1 Meta® is a powerful AI-engine that provides recommendations on how to best utilize infrastructure.

It removes the guesswork from planning for the future: No more under- or over-provisioning. And with Pure’s stateless architecture, you won’t have to worry about upgrades impacting availability. Upgrades are nondisruptive.

The Bottom of the Stack is Transforming, Too

The underlying technology organizations rely on is paramount if they want to differentiate themselves from competitors and increase time to value. Infrastructure needs to be stateless so you can use infrastructure as code. It has to offer the flexibility you need to adjust the infrastructure state to meet the requirements of your applications. It also needs to eliminate downtime so you can focus on delivering value without disruption.

FlashStack is a converged infrastructure solution that also offers nondisruptive upgrades. We developed this solution in partnership with Cisco. FlashStack offers cloud-like, flexible, scalable infrastructure that can adapt with your organization’s needs. The solution can be easily repurposed and gives you the ability to consolidate and scale any application.

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A Stateless Architecture That Merges Benefits of Pure and FlashStack with Cisco UCS

With the new release of Cisco UCS X-Series, managed with Cisco Intersight, the technologies between Pure and Cisco will align even more tightly. The stateless architecture will give you the flexibility you need to grow and evolve with new business demands.

We look forward to bringing the benefits of Cisco UCS X-Series and Intersight to FlashStack™ with Pure FlashArray™, Pure FlashBlade®, and Pure1. With the formidable power of a stateless architecture and cloud-based management, you’ll be ready to take on any application challenge.