The companies who innovate by empowering their innovators win. Developers no longer accept being tied down by long manual requests for infrastructure and resources that stifle agile processes, as they’ve seen first-hand in the cloud just how fast and efficient resource provisioning can be. The days of IT request tickets for infrastructure and the long back and forth are numbered.

Innovators everywhere now demand the flexibility, agility, and self-service experience of cloud, on their terms – even behind the firewall.

Until now, this capability has been out of the reach of storage teams, especially on-premises. Many hybrid storage pretenders can mimic a front-end self-service portal experience and automated workload placement. However, behind the scenes, they’re still using manual storage provisioning processes and cannot respond to changing performance and capacity requirements.

What is Pure Fusion?

Pure Fusion™ is a true storage cloud operating model anywhere. Pure Fusion offers not just a self-service provisioning user experience but also a Storage-as-Code™ experience that enables developers to tap into even faster provisioning and the autonomous backend to support cloud scale.

To be as truly self-service and agile as the cloud, you need to meet three key requirements:

  • Infinite scale to meet any application or workload’s needs for performance or capacity
  • Storage-as-Code for seamless application development and deployment
  • Intelligent workload deployment and management driven by no-touch automation

Pure Fusion was built from the ground up based on these key principles. Unlike other offerings, it’s a true cloud operating model, not just a new interface on top of slow and cumbersome legacy storage.

Manage Storage Like a Hyperscaler

Pure Fusion delivers cloud availability zones to achieve nearly unlimited scale-out. By removing the limitations of today’s storage clusters and using the same operating model pioneered by commercial hyperscalers, storage becomes exceptionally agile. Unrestricted by traditional clustering practices, Pure Fusion can mix and match multiple arrays and even public cloud storage – to provide a true virtual storage experience that supports every scale, capacity, and performance need. More than just a front-end provisioning UI, Pure Fusion allows you to manipulate and move workloads between arrays in the environment with no negative performance repercussions and no impact on the host. Users continue to access the environment without interruptions even as their workloads move transparently.

Fusion delivers:

  • A SDS layer over the entire FlashArray product family (FlashArray//X, FlashArray//C, FlashArray//XL, and Pure Cloud Block Store™) for the ultimate in scale-up and scale-out capability, on-premises and in the public cloud.
  • Multi-user tenancy, enabling isolated storage environments (tenants) dedicated to a business group or processes (like business management or product development).
  • Automated workload rebalancing by intelligently distributing workloads between different arrays without any maintenance windows or application downtime.

Support for Any Development Platform

Without interacting with IT, users can provision their storage objects using an API-first Storage-as-Code interface for faster deployment and orchestration. Storage admins can integrate Pure Fusion availability zones and automated provisioning into broader data center automation frameworks and behind in-house custom self-service portals built with tools such as Terraform and Ansible by harnessing Fusion’s powerful, cloud-like API-first interface.

Fusion delivers:

  • SDKs for Python, Ansible, and Terraform to enable deeper integration and deployment automation for all DevOps teams
  • A command-line utility for communicating with the Pure Fusion control plane, enabling quick access without a full development environment

Intelligent Workload Management

Consistently changing application requirements affect performance across the entire storage environment. Systems must be intelligent enough to manage multiple workloads for peak performance and, if necessary, move or redistribute those workloads without disruption. The AI-driven automated workload placement within Pure Fusion invisibly allocates the best storage destination, removing the need to pick individual arrays for each workload. It continually optimizes storage pools by rebalancing workloads on the fly. This means that your storage platform is always prepared.

Fusion delivers:

  • Viewable performance metrics to ensure your Pure Fusion environment is working at peak efficiency.
  • Audit log review, driving governance across any change management process, with full audit reporting.
  • Alert management by tapping into Pure1® and its alerting and proactive management capabilities.

Get Pure Fusion Today

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