Teamwork is always a key driver of successful innovation. Case in point: the long-standing partnership between Pure Storage® and Cisco®. Through our joint efforts, we continue to strengthen our proven record of enabling business transformation with FlashStack®.

Earlier this year, we announced the general availability of our integration with Cisco Intersight to offer storage integration with our FlashArray™ product line. This was exciting news as it represented a move toward cloud-based management for IT infrastructure that allows centralized management of Cisco data center assets.

Now, Cisco is taking another leap forward. It’s evolving Cisco Intersight as a cloud operations platform with modular capabilities for advanced infrastructure, workload optimization, and Kubernetes services. This advancement will further simplify the operational management experience of Cisco and Pure products together.

The Accelerated Shift to Cloud

Cloud adoption continues to grow with more organizations choosing to leverage cloud to support on-premises workloads. Especially during this time of rising cloud-based collaboration, organizations are tasked with delivering applications and services faster, all while ensuring user experience. This requires IT, DevOps, cloud architecture, and application teams to work together in new ways and develop strategies to support how their apps are being built and managed. Overall, it’s fueling the need for a better approach to infrastructure and operations.

The goal: Break down silos in infrastructure, workload, cloud, and application layers to eliminate complexity and enable simplified management of disaggregated services and components.

Connecting Infrastructure and Applications

With its new modular architecture, Cisco Intersight breaks down organizational and technology silos, so that infrastructures and applications can leverage the full potential of hybrid clouds. Organizations can now:

  • Connect distributed infrastructures and applications, while IT maintains a single control point (helping IT run operations similar to a public cloud)
  • Improve agility
  • Simplify operations for IT
  • Get the opportunity to gain more value from both new and existing investments
  • Optimize and accelerate service delivery

Pure Storage FlashArray with Intersight

Our API-first approach across our platform and services is aligned with the architecture of Cisco Intersight. Through our integration, you can gain the advantage of having one place to manage and orchestrate a fully disaggregated data center solution like FlashStack.

With Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer, you gain the advantage of cloud-based management tools that can assist with infrastructure resource management. Its compatibility with AppDynamics allows you to link the tool to any application use case. Cisco Intersight also uses IWO/AppD to align infrastructure and application insights to enable data-driven decisions. This helps you to make data-driven decisions that ensure better performance, lower costs, and increased productivity.

With the Cisco Intersight Orchestrator, you can also create and execute workflows directly in Cisco Intersight, including provisioning a Pure FlashArray. We have abstracted all the complexities of deploying storage, so that you can provision a volume and present it to a host. We automatically provide high availability/redundancy (RAID HD) data reduction out of the box. By adding this to Intersight, you can orchestrate infrastructure configuration and redeployment across multiple areas, including compute, storage, and virtualization.

Looking Ahead

As a Cisco Preferred Solution Provider and the first storage partner to be integrated with Cisco Intersight, we’re excited about what lies ahead as this important cloud-operations platform continues to evolve and impact FlashStack moving forward. Make sure to stay tuned as new infrastructure management capabilities are announced.