Pure Storage’s architecture is purpose-built to stay modern and non-disruptive across generations. For Pure customers, high-performance, simplicity, reliability, and investment protection are key enablers for business and technical success.

In fact, we built our family of enterprise-grade all-flash arrays with these aspects in mind. Meeting the highest level of performance and mission-critical reliability is paramount, and this is where the partnership alliance between Pure Storage and Brocade really revs up at the starting line.


Much like unleashing a racecar on a wide-open track, the new Brocade Gen 6 storage networking platform enables our high-performance FlashArray//m to accelerate enterprise infrastructure like never before. By unleashing the maximum speed and throughput of flash storage and accelerating business value, Gen 6 Fibre Channel networking technology is built to shatter networking bottlenecks.

Customer needs such as optimized availability, highest performance, scalability, low-latency, high security and data integrity all require purpose-built networking for storage. Brocade’s new Gen 6 portfolio of solutions support Pure Storage performance all the way to the finish line.

Here are just some of the ways Pure Storage solutions are enhanced by Brocade Gen 6 networking technology:

  • High Performance:Gen 6 Fibre Channel accelerates application response time by up to 71%, smashing application performance barriers for enterprise-grade flash storage workloads. Gen 6 increases performance for demanding workloads across 32 Gbps links and by consolidating infrastructure, doubles bandwidth with Gen 6 128 Gbps ISL connectivity.
  • Brocade Sensor Based Network Intelligence: IO Insight, the industry’s only integrated network sensor, provides automated awareness, diagnostic clarity, and insight into the IO performance of storage infrastructure. This intelligence enables administrators to observe, analyze, and address potential issues before they happen.
  • Easy Expandability: By simplifying scale-out network architectures, our partner Brocade reduces cost and management complexity both within and across product generations. With backward- and forward-compatibility across Gen 4, Gen 5 and Gen 6 Fibre Channel, Brocade’s latest generation complement Pure Storage’s Evergreen rollout.

High performance storage networking is akin to a high-speed, resilient and scalable racetrack: the more advanced the technology, the faster the race cars (your data and analytics) can go.

Ultimately, Pure’s high-performance all-flash storage arrays supported by Brocade’s Fibre Channel solutions help your applications do more at ultimate performance levels. In fact, Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel is designed for low-latency and unmatched IOPS, to accelerate application response times like never before.

When applications complete tasks faster, transactions happen even faster. When mobility is enhanced, customer experiences are elevated, and business imperatives are met quickly with demonstrably improved results.

When the requirements of business demand flawless execution with low-latency and high-performance workloads, the right network architecture prevents I/O from becoming the bottleneck. To accelerate customer performance, Brocade provides the most advanced high-speed technology with leading edge Gen 6 Fibre Channel and Pure Storage solutions to enable the industry’s highest performance and speed without precedent.


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Brocade Fibre Channel: https://www.broadcom.com/products/fibre-channel-networking