What makes storage and infrastructure monitoring and management a top priority across all enterprise organizations? Simple: businesses today are generating data at unprecedented rates. And clear visibility and seamless management of data are key for businesses to succeed and stay ahead of the curve. IT teams are forced to continually improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and respond faster to business needs. To resolve this problem, we thought differently and developed a cloud-based intelligent data storage and management solution: Pure1.

Some organizations are disconnected from the cloud as a result of strict metadata sovereignty requirements. As a result, these organizations miss out on the single pane of glass experience in tools like Pure1® and the goodness of cloud-based infrastructure management and resource optimization. Most available on-premises solutions do not deliver a clear picture of performance issues across the infrastructure. IT teams are required to spend countless hours identifying problems using fragmented and siloed point solutions which often are cumbersome and expensive to manage and maintain. You need a modern data management platform to transform your IT teams into superheroes and drive innovation. Today, we are announcing a brand-new product, Pure1® Unplugged, in the Pure1® family. 

A few frequently asked questions and answers: 

  1. What is Pure1® Unplugged? Pure1® Unplugged is an open-source on-premises monitoring, visibility, and analytics solution for your Pure Storage FlashArray and FlashBlade products.
  2. Do you charge more for Pure1® Unplugged? No, Pure1® Unplugged is completely free. If you have FlashArray or FlashBlade products in your Data Center, all you have to do is download the Pure1®Unplugged package and connect to your appliances.
  3. Can I use Pure1® and Pure1® Unplugged simultaneously?
    Pure1® Unplugged is primarily targeted for organizations who have strict mandatory requirements to keep data on-premise. Barring such requirements, we recommend using Pure1 which has a richer feature set. 
  4. How flexible is Pure1® Unplugged? The preliminary architecture is based on Elasticsearch and Kibana, an open-source analysis and visualization platform.
  5. How do I access Pure1® Unplugged? Pure1® Unplugged is a browser-based interface that helps you to quickly create customized dashboards in real-time. We are offering an OVA or an ISO image to download the package.
  6. Where do I get access to ISO/OVA images and documentation for the Pure1® Unplugged?
    All the documents and ISO/OVA images are available on the support site. Below are the links to ISO/OVA images and documentation:

Key benefits of Pure1® Unplugged: 

  • Monitor your on-premises storage infrastructure with a single pane of glass.
  • Store and secure your data in a local server for regulatory compliance.
  • Customized dashboards with real-time information to make data-driven decisions.
  • Centralized alerts and notifications to remove any inconsistency and possibilities of any problems being overlooked.
  • Capacity planning to improve the efficiency of your arrays.

How does Pure1® Unplugged differ from Pure1®? 

Pure1® Unplugged is primarily for organizations with strict mandatory requirements to keep data on-premises. If you don’t have these type of regulatory requirements, Pure1® should be the primary solution leveraged by your team. 

Key differences between Pure1® Unplugged vs. Pure1®:

Features Pure1®  Pure1® Unplugged
Centralized Dashboard  Yes Yes
Arrays (Card Views) Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes
Message  Yes Yes
Predictive or Proactive Support Yes No
Forecasting Yes No
Map View Yes No
Mobile Application Yes No
VM Analytics Yes No
Data Protection Yes No

In Summary

Pure Storage is continuously thinking about how to simplify your complex Data Center management experience. Pure1®, with its cloud-connected capabilities, has to lead the way in enabling IT teams to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and respond faster to business needs. With Pure1® Unplugged, we are bringing similar abilities to organizations that manage disconnected infrastructure.