We’re excited to announce the release of enhanced user management capabilities in Pure1® that include a new user management interface and the introduction of roles.

What are roles? Roles allow you to give users different capabilities in Pure1 based on their user needs and access level. Pure1 admins can now provide role-based access to multiple users and groups. In certain situations, you may want to control user access depending on the information being shared.

How It Works 

If you’re a Pure1 admin, you’re probably familiar with this screen:

We realized the space wasn’t really sufficient for managing more than a few users. As a result, we’ve upgraded the Users Management screen.

The Users page is now located in the Administration section of the left-hand navigation. While the user management functions for adding users and views remain largely the same, there are several new features.Pure1 users page is now located in the Administration section

A new user details pane: When you select an existing user from the list, a new sliding pane will appear on the right-hand side. This pane allows you to view all user details and easily edit them from one location. Select multiple users at once to make bulk changes.

A new Pure1 user details pane

User access control: When editing a user’s details or selecting multiple users, you can easily edit the role and view. When adding or changing a view for a user, you can easily see all the available defined views.Pure1 user access control

Roles: Previously, Pure1 had only user and admin roles. This release introduces two new limited-function roles:

  • VM Viewer: For Pure1 users who are using the VM Analytics feature, this limited role will allow only a view of the VM Analytics screen when the user logs in. The user won’t have access to any other parts of the Pure1 UI. This is useful particularly if you want VMware admins to have access to VM Analytics for information and troubleshooting, but don’t want them to see the rest of Pure1.

VM Viewer: For Pure1 users who are using the VM Analytics

  • Dashboard Viewer: This role allows access to the Dashboard only. Top uses include reviewing status screens in your network operations center or providing summary information logins to executives.

Pure1 User Dashboard Viewer

VM Viewer and Dashboard Viewer are just the first of many roles we plan to introduce. We’ll release more as we develop new capabilities that require role-based access.

See a demo of the new user management and roles:


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