Pure1 Storage Management

Read Pure1 storage management blogs. Pure1 delivers management and support that is effortless, intelligent and frustration-free. Expanded capabilities of global predictive intelligence of Pure1Meta give customers storage that drives itself.

Adaptation or Extinction. How’s Your Storage Vendor Doing?

Are legacy vendors adapting to the cloud environment, or are they trying to force you into infrastructure that looks like a flexible consumption model on the surface—but in reality retains the same issues of long-term commitments, unpredictable costs, and disruptive upgrades?

Getting Data Protection Right

If you’re tired of struggling with enterprise storage data protection that’s expensive and complicated, maybe it’s time to get it right with Pure. 

The Best Tech Advice I Ever Got: Try Pure Storage

“Pure Evergreen is like a breath of fresh air,” says Paul Valvasori, Citrix Service Manager at ArcelorMittal Dofasco,. “We upgraded two FlashArrays in two data centers in less than two hours with zero downtime or any complex planning. I've never seen anything like that in my 30-plus years in IT.”

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