Today we all expect continuous improvement from the various platforms in our lives—smartphones, consumer software applications, and even our cars. Should your enterprise storage be any different? 

Tesla provides a great example with its cars. With a simple software upgrade initiated from the in-car screen, owners could add the capability for heated rear seats and upgrade to a full self-driving package. While the enhancements for the car aren’t always free, imagine if they were. Imagine if you kept getting amazing feature improvements for your investments at no additional cost, instantly.

That’s how it works with Pure Storage®. And that’s why I always find Purity releases exciting. It’s investment protection with constant modernization. What’s not to like? 

Purity//FA 6.1 is no different. It’s packed with updates that provide business continuity, modernization, and improved security. And it all comes without compromising Pure’s hallmark simplicity.

Data Growth? Handled

FlashArray//C, the 100% NVMe all-QLC capacity-optimized all-flash array, delivers consistent latency and deterministic performance. And it’s priced aggressively to compete against hybrid arrays. This furthers Pure’s goal of eliminating the need for disk and promoting the all-flash data center. With this release, FlashArray//C60 receives a controller refresh with improved performance via Pure’s Evergreen™ subscription to innovation. 

Additionally, a new member of the FlashArray//C family makes its debut: FlashArray//C40. This third generation of FlashArray//C offers: 

  • Capacity configurations between 247TB and 1877TB raw
  • Up to a 3x increase in the number of snapshots
  • Improved data reduction rates over previous generations
  • More flexible capacity expansion options

Your Data. Secured Simply from Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and top of mind from the data center to the boardroom. The most expensive aspect of a ransomware attack is often the downtime experienced in the efforts to bring data back online. While the actual attacks can have the most immediate financial impact, the reputational risks can’t be ignored. With Purity//FA 6.1, FlashArray with SafeMode™ snapshots helps reduce attack-related downtime with:

  • Immutable snapshots
  • Retention-based policies that can secure data for up to 30 days (even given compromised admin credentials
  • Granular administrative control over expired data that can be restored in seconds.

Your Fabric. Seamless Continuity

Pure’s ActiveCluster™  technology provides continuous data availability and non-disruptive operations of critical applications and systems with zero RPO and RTO at no additional cost. With the launch of ActiveCluster over Fibre Channel, you have the flexibility to implement synchronous replication and achieve recovery objectives over your choice of network fabric, whether IP or Fibre Channel. 

ActiveCluster provides a stretched clustering solution that doesn’t require additional hardware or software. The fully integrated Pure1® Cloud Mediator acts as the witness, monitoring both sides of the mirror. Should an outage occur, Pure1 Cloud Mediator coordinates the failover process transparently. There’s no intervention required by your IT staff. Lastly, integration with Purity asynchronous and synchronous replication enables adding a third recovery site anywhere in the world. 

Connectivity Matters. Make it Modern

If you’re running Fibre Channel environments, you can improve transaction processing times and push the limit of IOPS with NVMe over Fibre Channel, when compared to traditional SCSI-FC. NVMe-oF extends all the benefits of NVMe over the wire, allowing applications to maximize and parallelize the compute and Flash resources available to them. The support for NVMe over Fibre Channel complements Purity’s existing support for NVMe over Ethernet (RoCEv2) 

Take the leap forward for your data centers with FlashArray’s Purity//FA 6.1.

James Gallegos, Product Marketing Director, joins the Pure Report to talk about the latest Purity and FlashArray//C enhancements: