This post was co-authored by Reena Gupta.

Many of us love Neapolitan ice cream. Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla are great à la carte, but how much better is it to get them all in one bowl? You don’t lose the individual flavors, but together they take the dessert experience to a whole new level. 

FlashBlade® Purity//FB 3.2 is the latest version of Pure’s unified fast file and object (UFFO) platform. And like Neapolitan ice cream, you get the very best storage for file and object data in one unified system. 

Purity//FB 3.2 introduces fast scale-out native SMB support to provide outstanding acceleration of Windows applications and much more. You get comprehensive, multiprotocol native support for NFS, SMB, and object. The underlying foundational architecture of FlashBlade maximizes the benefits of flash and delivers a unified storage platform. It offers performance, simplicity, and consolidation for all unstructured data.  

Native SMB uses a new cross-protocol security design with access control interoperability between SMB and NFS users. This preserves access-control lists while complying with federal security mandates. Native SMB extends FlashBlade’s use cases to new verticals, including oil and gas, financial services, electronic design automation (EDA), genomics, and media and entertainment. All this can help you augment your Modern Data Experience™. 

With native SMB, Purity//FB 3.2 brings validated solutions for SQL Backup and healthcare PACS/VNA. These solutions delivered impressive results. Backup speeds were greater than 71TB/hour and 1TB/minute. Restore speeds reached up to 1PB/day (dependent on the system restoring the data). This is phenomenal performance from a SQL DBA perspective. Compared to a major competitor, FlashBlade is up to four times faster for ingesting and 16%–37% faster for loading healthcare PACS images when running a leading PACS application.

Just like adding your favorite toppings to ice cream, Purity//FB 3.2 sprinkles additional new features. These include:

  • Enhanced object security with S3 user policies
  • User-level performance monitoring
  • Sparse file monitoring to optimize storage efficiency
  • Unified APIs/SDK to improve the automation experience

Each feature delivers value, but they’re even better together and provide a delectable experience. 

Plus, you get the existing set of rich data services: such as SafeMode™ snapshots for rapid ransomware recovery, async file replication, file system rollback, file system quotas, compression, and always-on encryption.

With Purity//FB 3.2, we’ve made what is already great even better. This further establishes FlashBlade as the industry’s leading UFFO platform. FlashBlade delivers breakthrough digital transformation for your data center. You get simplicity, consolidation, and performance for all your unstructured data. With FlashBlade, the future has arrived in your data center.

If you can’t remember all the benefits of FlashBlade, just think of the taste of Neapolitan ice cream!  

Hear from David Yu, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for FlashBlade, about new Purity FlashBlade 3.2 data services enhancements on the Pure Report Podcast: