If you’re like most IT professionals, your digital transformation journey has accelerated in the last year. Whether you’re a CIO tasked with managing complex resources; part of the DevOps team that’s leading cultural change; or an application architect specifying compute, storage, and networking requirements; you’re putting data at the center of your business.  

To meet your transformation goals, you likely face challenges of flat budgets and conflicting business priorities. How can you continue to drive innovation while reducing risk—especially financial risk? 

Introducing FlashStack as-a-Service

FlashStack® as-a-Service can help you save money, reduce setup and ongoing maintenance costs, and increase agility—both on-premises in your data center and in hybrid-cloud environments.

FlashStack is a converged infrastructure solution from Pure Storage® and Cisco. It combines compute, network, and storage to provide a modern infrastructure platform for business-critical applications, DevOps, and analytics. 

With a flexible model for infrastructure consumption, FlashStack-as-a-Service can help you reduce risk and costs. Here are three ways FlashStack-as-a-Service can help remove the risks of digital transformation.

Reduce Overall Financial Risk 

Digital transformation has often focused on purchasing or leasing new IT infrastructure. When you purchase equipment, you tie up large amounts of capital. When you lease it, the initial expense might be lower than buying it, but you risk not being able to pivot easily to support seasonal needs or spikes in demand.   

With FlashStack as-a-Service, you can pay as you go and flexibly consume IT infrastructure. This flexibility provides clear alignment between your expenses and outcomes. And you get analytics tools to help you better understand your IT spend—and further reduce your overall financial risk.

Reduce Setup and Maintenance Costs

Use FlashStack as-a-Service to materially reduce your implementation and ongoing maintenance and operating costs. In the past, you had to invest significant time, effort, and money to set up a new IT infrastructure. You had to design an architecture, procure hardware, and then configure your environment for each workload. FlashStack as-a-Service dramatically reduces many of these costs.  

FlashStack implementation starts with integrated, pre-tested Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) for all popular applications and workloads. CVDs ensure a faster, more successful deployment. Once operational, you can efficiently monitor and manage both your infrastructure and usage through a single AI-based console. And there’s just one subscription and one bill for your finance team to manage. 

Increase Business Agility

Digital transformation typically starts with a proof of concept. As you move into production, you need to continually adjust scale to address your business needs.  FlashStack as-a-Service is designed to improve business agility with instant scalability.  

Imagine being able to easily scale storage, compute, and networking up and down independently. Or spin up new capabilities on demand. And when it’s time to upgrade, add capacity virtually. 

Gone are the days of disrupting business operations by taking a server offline to upgrade storage. FlashStack as-a-Service offers agility, saving you both time and money.

Modern IT for Today—and the Future

FlashStack is the industry’s fastest-growing modern data infrastructure, while FlashStack as-a-Service provides the modern economic model for infrastructure consumption. Together, they deliver a powerful, flexible, and future-proof solution for IT infrastructure.  

FlashStack as-a-Service automatically grows with your business and simplifies IT by enabling you to:  

  • Pay as you go with full transparency of usage and costs.
  • Acquire modern infrastructure in days.
  • Easily scale up or down with AI-based capacity management.
  • Manage one subscription and one bill.
  • Align IT expenses to business outcomes.

Stop compromising and attempting to balance up-front costs with questionable outcomes. Instead, take the steps to never pay for more infrastructure than you need, and never get caught without the capacity you need. 

Next Steps

Achieve greater success as you continue putting data at the center of your business. Lower the risk of your digital-transformation projects with FlashStack as-a-Service.