The headlines were everywhere: Suez Canal Blocked After Giant Container Ship Gets Stuck. The mishap was big news all over the world. And why was it such big news? It had an outsized impact on worldwide commerce.

The incident disrupted supply chains and impacted business operations globally. Luckily, the ship was freed and the crucial trade route reopened after six days. But the episode provided yet another lesson in business agility. The ability to react quickly to a changed circumstance significantly impacts your ability to contain damage and reap the greatest benefit from new opportunities.

In IT, you may not have to deal with wayward container ships. But agility is crucial when it comes to data storage. How do you deal with growing workloads and new application deployments? Last year’s sudden move to remote work is an excellent example of something hard to anticipate but for which IT had to respond quickly.

What about workload consolidation from other systems due to mergers and acquisitions, for example? It can mean having to combine many systems and increase capacity and performance.

Does your current storage solution enable you to increase capacity beyond the scope level of a storage array? And, more importantly, make sure it performs well under the new loads? How easy is it to upgrade controllers to increase capacity and performance?

If you’re using legacy storage, you likely don’t have the capabilities to handle this situation non-disruptively. There’s usually no way to increase capacity and performance significantly without a forklift upgrade. Forklift upgrades are disruptive, difficult, and expensive. And then there’s the data migration. That can be a very complex undertaking and require a lot of time and effort.

Agile Storage Keeps Pace with Your Needs

Wouldn’t it be better if your storage were agile and could enable you to respond quickly and non-disruptively to changing business needs? With Pure Storage’s software-defined architecture, you can. Arrays are modular and stateless. They’re field serviceable and upgradable. It’s simple to swap out controllers if you need more performance or run into capacity limits. You can even perform controller upgrades during production hours without any negative impact.

Plus, there are no forklift upgrades. And there’s no downtime because you don’t have to take the system offline. There are no performance hits and no data migrations. And best of all, there’s no wasted investment or need to get a huge budget for a storage rebuy.

How is that possible? With the Pure Evergreen™ Storage subscription model. It gives you the agility to meet the needs of your growing workloads and get more performance and capacity quickly. Through the Upgrade Flex program, you can trade in old controllers for newer, next-generation ones whenever the need arises. With an Evergreen subscription, you can upgrade whenever you need to and as many times as you need to¹.

Stay Modern Seamlessly

You can’t plan for things like a wayward ship or a sudden shift to remote work. That’s why agility—and data storage that enables it—are crucial. Otherwise, you could face time-consuming and costly infrastructure spends. Or worse, you may not be able to respond at all. With modern storage, you can scale seamlessly and non-disruptively. And keep your digital business running smoothly—even when the unexpected occurs.

With an Evergreen subscription, you also won’t have to deal with storage rebuys. You can respond within your existing budget constraints—a much more economical and stress-free way to respond to your business needs.

Thousands of companies rely on Pure to scale and stay modern as their needs change, without disruption. The last year has made that even more critical. No other vendor has a proven track record like Pure does. We’ve delivered more than 7,000 controller upgrades over eight generations with no planned downtime.

Check out some actionable info from experts on how you can get more agile storage.

  1. Available with Evergreen Gold subscription