In the first post in our series on innovation, we explored what it means to break boundaries and how Pure as-a-Service™ does that for storage as a service. In this post, we look at how and why Pure Storage® developed FlashBlade®, our innovative approach to unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage.

It has become common knowledge that data is the key to driving business decisions and enabling the ground-breaking discoveries that can improve and shape the world we live in. However, data is growing at a rapid pace, it’s complex, and it’s often held in silos. The impact? Organisations are missing out on driving innovation because the very data they need is difficult to scale, analyse, protect, and replicate without compromise.

We didn’t think this was good enough. There had to be a solution for unstructured data, a way to consolidate complex data silos, optimise infrastructure, and create a platform to accelerate tomorrow’s discoveries and insights.

When we released FlashBlade in 2016, we rewrote the rule book. Before our innovative approach, no system could handle fast file and object; no system could support the very modern application data that powers digital transformation and innovation.

The definition of a first-to-market innovation, FlashBlade is simple to deploy and can deliver large-capacity data at speed and high performance to optimise targeted workloads. No other system on the market today can consolidate file and object workloads on a single system with comparable simplicity and scalability. What makes FlashBlade unique is its architectural differences and our ground-breaking approach to delivering a unified fast file and object platform.

Enabling Fast Analytics

As a UFFO solution, FlashBlade breaks down the silos surrounding data. By disaggregating compute from storage, FlashBlade offers a single platform for hosting multiple analytics applications, concurrently supporting large numbers of users, and easily scaling with data growth—making fast data analytics possible.

The world is constantly changing and organisations have to continuously adapt. It doesn’t make financial sense to deploy a system to help store and manage data if it can’t adapt to changes down the line. This is why we built FlashBlade to be future-proof, to easily adapt to modern cloud architectures and scale for multiple workloads and variable data patterns.

By having fast access to all your data in one system, you’ll be able to analyse it more easily and faster to gain insights which can ultimately lead to better business decisions.

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