For many companies, SAP represents one of their most valuable IT assets, producing highly sensitive information such as production schedules, customer data, HR files, and corporate financials. Considering SAP is often an organization’s primary operational platform, any disruption to SAP operations can mean a costly disruption to the business itself.

CIO magazine chronicled the most expensive ERP disasters in history. Many, including the failure of one of the world’s largest supply chains, were driven by “incidents” with the companies’ SAP systems. In this case, it cost the company millions to fix, but worse, it also caused their stock to drop, losing nearly $1B of value!

Protect Your SAP Data from Bad Actors

According to Gartner, the average IT downtime can cost about $5,600/minute. SAP downtime, however, typically costs $10,000/minute or more — almost double! — depending on the size of the company and the severity of the incident. That is just from accidental or environmental causes.

We no longer have the luxury of merely securing our data from internal misfortune. Our companies now operate in a more menacing world. We must deal with a plethora of bad actors looking to disrupt operations for profit or malice. In addition to traditional data protection, cybersecurity strategies that thwart intruders before they can do their mischief are more important than ever.

At Pure and Cisco, we’re committed to helping our customers successfully address both threats. Together, we engineered FlashStack™ infrastructure to integrate data protection and cybersecurity – and provide the maximum protection for your mission-critical SAP landscape.

SAP Insider Webinar SAPinsider Webinar: Securing SAP Data

Please join us for SAPinsider’s webinar on how to secure your valuable SAP data from both internal incidents and external intrusions.

  • Pure Storage’s lead SAP Solutions Architect, Andrew Sillifant, will talk about implementing always-on Data Protection for backup and recovery scenarios, including disaster recovery across a hybrid cloud landscape.
  • Albra Welch, Sr. Solutions Architect, Cisco Cybersecurity Security Business Group, will address the threat posed by bad actors and how Cisco’s award-winning cybersecurity suite protects our customers.

Both data protection and cybersecurity solutions work hand-in-hand on FlashStack to provide the maximum protection possible for your mission-critical SAP landscape.