Managed service providers, asset management teams, and partners will be delighted to know that Pure1® provides a centralized portal for asset management, auditing, and tracking the evolution over time for all Pure assets. The Assets portal is divided into three pages:

  • Asset Management
  • Appliance Genealogy
  • Subscription Genealogy

Simplified Inventory Management

Figure 1: Asset Management page in Pure1.

The Asset Management page includes critical information about all contracts, licenses, and appliances, plus the details needed to easily manage inventory and availability for maintenance along with contract compliance. Service owners and partners can now easily identify assets eligible for upgrades and renewals. Avoid downtime associated with expired subscriptions, licenses, or end-of-life hardware, and avoid shadow IT.

Pure1 Assets

Figure 2: Asset Management Subscriptions Overview in Pure1. 

Customers can also leverage Pure1 tags to easily categorize and identify appliances based on ownership or any other criteria your organization needs. 

The Asset Management page is also useful for practitioners and all other users. You’ll get details of your hardware and software lifecycle, utilization, location, and energy usage all from a single page, so you can stay always-modern and always-efficient. Plus, all this information is available for export and via APIs to integrate into custom or third-party systems.

The Genealogy pages offer a user-friendly, graphical view of the evolution of the asset over time. It enables customers to stay current with the status of their Pure appliances and services. Summarized information on the page empowers customers to quickly get an overview of all the events in the life of their assets. 

Simplified Inventory Management

Figure 3: Appliance Genealogy page in Pure1. 

Customers can now easily check when the installation, software upgrades, hardware upgrades, and renewals for their appliances were completed on their Appliance Genealogy page. They can also zoom in on a specific quarter(s) to get detailed information on all the events in that quarter. 

The Subscription Genealogy page helps resolve a major pain point of our customers and partners by bringing all the expansions, license additions, and cancellations executed for all their subscriptions from the start of the subscription to date in a single view. It’s all mapped on an easy-to-use timeline with the details at their fingertips which is available as a tooltip on the event.

Simplified Inventory Management

Figure 4: Subscription Genealogy page in Pure1. 

The Genealogy pages not only give customers a picture of the evolution path of their Pure assets but also provide a view of what lies ahead. With the addition of future renewal dates on the timeline, customers can now easily plan their storage requirements for the next one to three years. Furthermore, all the genealogy data is available to export as a report in excel format.

All in all, Pure1 Assets is an efficient way for customers and partners to get a view of their complete Pure portfolio in a single location. It aims to alleviate problems users have faced when alternating between ownership and subscription assets. Log in to Pure1 today and see how it can assist you in your asset management and planning tasks.