We often hear that managing and upgrading storage infrastructure is very challenging. Predicting future needs based on existing conditions is also difficult to do. A lot of people are looking for a more flexible cloud-like purchase experience for their data centers.

What if you had access to a simple way to buy, manage, and upgrade your storage infrastructure? One that is available quickly and easily online, with additional services for containers and other needs? 

Pure1® now includes the Digital Services catalog, a self-service storefront, featuring Pure Storage® service offerings. This ease of use and flexibility is key to the Modern Data Experience™ and the best storage management possible. With Pure1 managing your data center, you can focus on running your business. 

Services in the catalog include subscription-based Pure as-a-Service™, Portworx® container services and data management, and Pure Professional Services bundles.

The service catalog is the latest new capability for Pure1. We want Pure1 to be your one-stop location to plan, monitor, and manage your storage infrastructure needs. Toward that goal, we’ve introduced application planning, enhanced VM Analytics, added role-based access, and much more in just the last year. 

How It Works

From the catalog home page, you can view all of the services that are currently available. You’ll see options for block storage as a service, unified file and object storage, Portworx offerings, and Pure Professional Services.

Pure1 Service Catalog

View detailed information for any of the services, including key features, use cases, documentation, pricing, and promotions available to you based on your storage infrastructure and subscription level.

View use cases for a specific service

Once you’ve submitted a request or purchased a Pure as-a-Service subscription, automatically track the status of your requests and orders so you’re always up to date.

Services included in the catalog include:

  • Pure as-a-Service with block storage
  • Pure as-a-Service with unified fast file and object (UFFO)
  • Enterprise as-a-Service with Portworx
  • Essentials as-a-Service with Portworx
  • PX Backup as-a-Service with Portworx
  • Professional Services workshops, assessments, and optimizations
  • Professional Services for workload migrations, deployments, and readiness
  • Professional Services for data-driven projects such as advanced integrations and Splunk optimization

You can also easily subscribe to some offerings directly through the AWS Marketplace or Azure. 

Finally, if you have a question or want to give us feedback, you can do that from Pure1 with just the click of a button.