The solid-state disks of yesteryear pale in comparison to today’s DirectFlash® modules from Pure Storage®. And there’s no indication that capacities will slow down—Moore’s Law is still going strong. This makes capacity consolidation one of the most powerful ways to get the flexibility you need to modernize your storage while protecting your investments. 

In a few short years, today’s capacities will feel just as small. And no other major storage vendor offers the ability to grow without ever having to rebuy capacity. To help you make a more informed decision, you can now simulate capacity consolidation in the Pure1® Workload Planner.

The Pure1 Workload Planner is one of the industry’s most advanced planning tools, enabling you to simulate hardware upgrades, workload changes, migrations, and even net-new workloads. Until now, it has mostly focused on adding new capacity. With this latest feature update, you can simulate changing existing datapacks to see how you can grow your capacity without expanding your footprint. 

Not only that, if you’re sizing a new array, you’ll get a recommendation on where to start so you get a properly sized array. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

Capacity consolidation simulation screenshot

Figure 1: Simulate capacity consolidation.


Recommendation on properly sized array for capacity planning

Figure 2: Get a recommendation for a new array.

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