Over the past year we’ve been continually bringing you new AIOps capabilities in Pure1® to help you work faster and smarter. Our VM Analytics tool is already helping thousands of customers visualize and troubleshoot their VMware environments. Today I want to talk about some great new enhancements to VM Analytics and the Workload Planner. With these features, we are making your VMware environment even better, as well as giving you new Meta recommendations for hardware upgrades.

VM Analytics Search

Managing virtual machines can be a complicated task, especially when it comes to searching for an issue in a large VM environment. New search functionality for VM Analytics lets you search across your entire VMware environment for virtual machines, hosts, volumes, datastores, and Pure block storage. Instead of using multiple tools to identify problems, you can start in a single location. Use the new functionality to filter within a specific cluster, as well as identify any issues that need attention.

VM Analytics Reports

Reporting in another common pain point, especially when generating overviews of large environments. Pure1 now helps address this by allowing you to create reports for your entire VMware environment. See the top 10 VMs by CPU and the top 10 hosts by CPU and memory. Share snapshots of your environment with other teams and get a better understanding of the top 10 VMs across your storage infrastructure.

Hardware Recommendations

When it comes to looking forward, two of the biggest challenges are projecting future needs and identifying the necessary hardware plans required for growth. A new hardware recommendation capability in Pure1 simplifies this process. The Pure1 Workload Planner provides recommendations on how to upgrade your existing hardware to support projected workload growth. Eliminate the guesswork to figure out how much performance and capacity you need to add to your Pure appliances. You’ll have accurate projections and less wasted resources. Simply open up Pure1, run your analysis or projections with Meta, and order directly from the app.

Simplify application-deployment planning with Pure1.