Over the last 10 years, Pure Storage® has delivered a 10X increase in performance, a 10X reduction in size and 10X reduction in power and cooling requirements for enterprise storage. Improvements at a scale of 10X is huge in any technology segment. Storage is no exception. These 10X leaps come from unique innovations that delivered value to your business and changed the customer experience.

We’re proud of what we accomplished, but we’re not going to rest. We’re ready to deliver the next 10X to change the experience all over again!

We’re delivering the next 10X through innovations in our solutions. New media types are emerging in the industry and Pure has been working on disrupting the industry again with new innovation.

10x growth

There are two new media types coming to market:

  • Storage-class memory (SCM) takes performance to a new level with DRAM-like latencies
  • QLC promises lower costs per GB

We are taking early advantage of these trends in media types, by innovating around them.

Boosting Performance

Mission-critical applications typically get a response time from all-flash arrays in the sub-millisecond range. But several applications today can benefit from much lower latencies from the storage layer. We’re excited to introduce DirectMemory™ technology that will boost the performance of Pure FlashArray™//X by 10X—from 1 millisecond to 100 microseconds!

10x Growth with Direct Memory Cache

Key features of DirectMemory:

  • DirectMemory brings read caching to FlashArray//X with latencies as low as 100 microseconds.
  • This new performance accelerates ultra-high-performance applications and reduces costs for in-memory solutions instead of scaling DRAM.
  • DirectMemory has two components: SCM-based DirectMemory Modules and Pure’s DirectMemory Cache software that is built-in to our Purity operating environment.
  • DirectMemory is simple and easy to install with no tuning whatsoever.
  • While many of our competitors require you to replace your entire array to take advantage of these new technologies, all //X70R2 and //X90R2 customers can pop in our DirectMemory modules in a non-disruptive fashion.

You may be thinking, will this really work? And more important: Will it work for me? To answer these questions, we leveraged Pure1 Meta™ Analytics to identify the optimization with existing //X70 and //X90 customer implementations. And the results are phenomenal!

  • With DirectMemory, 80% of existing //X70 and //X90 customers will see at least a 20% reduction in read latency.
  • With DirectMemory, 40% of arrays will see between 30 – 50% reduction in read latency, up to 2X improvement.

10x Growth Via Memory Caching

Beyond Performance

If you’re running applications such as SAP HANA, you can leverage native storage extension (NSE) to reduce costs by 65% at scale with DirectMemory Caching—with only a 10% decrease in performance compared to 100% in-memory.

Get more details on DirectMemory.

Breaking Down Economic Barriers

Not all problems are solved with more performance. Unfortunately, many tier-2 applications today are anchored by spinning disks in hybrid arrays, which results in inconsistent performance and complexity that reduces the value they bring to the enterprise. It’s time to change that with FlashArray//C, the industry’s first capacity-optimized all-flash array and the newest addition to the FlashArray family

Tier 2 Storage Challenges

FlashArray//C provides consistent all-flash performance at disk economics for tier-2 applications. The best part about FlashArray//C is that it is a FlashArray—the market’s best block storage product. It has the same ultra-simplicity, resiliency, and efficiency that companies swear by, but now for capacity-optimized use cases. 

To break down these economic barriers, we designed a QLC-optimized solution that solves the resiliency challenges while also delivering consistent 2ms–4ms all-flash performance. This is a 10X consolidation platform with up to 5.2 PB of effective capacity in three to nine rack units. Expect a no-compromise enterprise experience built for six-nines of availability, Pure1® Cloud Management, API automation, and AI-driven predictive support.

FlashArray//C will provide a powerful all-flash solution for tier-2 application use cases, including: 

  • VM tiering: Provision performance-optimized VMs on FlashArray//X and capacity-optimized VMs on FlashArray//C.
  • Test/Dev: FlashArray//C is a great target for consolidating multiple production Test and Development sites into one platform.
  • Disaster Recovery: FlashArray//C is an excellent multi-site or multi-cloud disaster-recovery solution.
  • Backup: FlashArray//C is a cost-effective backup target with consistent flash performance.

Get more details on FlashArray//C and its use cases.

The New FlashArray Family

Both DirectMemory and FlashArray//C extend the FlashArray family and are truly awesome innovations that continue to change the customer experience. And the best part is, both FlashArray//C and DirectMemory are already GA.

Now is the time to get your 10X.