At Pure, we understand the complexity involved with outdated storage management tools – from deployment hassles to complicated local management consoles, every step is saddled with pain and disorder. This complexity not only takes a toll on your business but also impacts your personal life.

Storage administrators have to spend long hours working on-site with clunky software, taking personal time away from family and friends – and more interesting and rewarding work.

Our driving philosophy at Pure is that the entire storage experience should be effortless. So, when it comes to storage management, we believe that storage should basically manage itself. Storage should be smart enough to carry out operational tasks and only notify you if necessary.


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An example of this effortless experience is how notifications are delivered to your Apple Watch using the Pure1 mobile app. Notifications will be delivered to your watch or any mobile device – anywhere, anytime. You don’t even need to login to get your notifications!

There are many traditional “Dos” in storage that you just don’t have to do with Pure1:

  • Go through the pain of installing and running clunky storage management software
  • Constantly check multiple consoles and logs to see if everything is up and running
  • Spend hours on vendor support calls to fix simple issues
  • Worry about storage during peak periods critical to your business
  • Work late nights or spend weekends at the office