Update: Pure Storage® has ended support for EncryptReduce capability

We are excited to continue the Evergreen™ evolution of our industry-leading operating environment (OE), Purity for FlashArray™. Purity 5.3 offers customers additional enterprise-level features, enhancements to Quality of Service capability, efficient security options, and more! Of course, Purity upgrades are always included with Evergreen Storage subscriptions (both Gold and Silver) and are always non-disruptive. This means that your storage keeps getting better with age, without the pain of complex update procedures and without the need to buy additional licenses. I am really excited to work for a company that places this much importance on doing what’s right for our customers to help you succeed in your endeavors. And, Purity 5.3.4 is now designated as the current Purity long-life release.

You might be wondering what the phrase “long-life release” means. Long-life releases are set for customers that wish to stick to a specific version of Purity for an extended period of time and need to limit the number of software changes they adopt in a defined period of time. This is particularly useful for organizations that operate in a regulated industry (or have regulatory responsibilities); or whose internal guidelines dictate an N-N revision adoption policy, specify upgrade windows or limits for their production IT environment.

The benefits you’ll receive when you upgrade to Purity 5.3 are:

  1. New Multi-Cloud Support
    • Pure Storage cloud data services deliver hybrid-cloud mobility with consistent storage services, resilience, and APIs across your hybrid environment.
    • Customers can now leverage Purity CloudSnap™ to AWS S3, S3IA, and Microsoft Azure Blob
  2. Performance Improvements
    • Obtain faster time to market, improved user experiences, and effortlessly deliver improved database, analytics, and reporting performance.
    • Software-enabled integration of Storage Class Memory (SCM) media with DirectMemory Cache.
  3. Strengthened Security Capability
    • Extend your security from data-at-rest encryption to application-layer encryption to meet increasingly stringent security requirements, while possessing the benefits of data reduction.
    • Application-level encryption on bare metal and Linux environments without compromising the storage efficiencies gained from our EncryptReduce feature for variable-block data reduction.
  4. Quality-of-Service (QoS) Enhancements
    • The efficiency and consistency of all-flash storage enable powerful workload consolidation. Purity QoS assures consolidation success with consistent mixed workload performance – all the time.
    • Always-on QoS now allows limits to be applied to IOPs and vgroups.
  5. Long-Life Release
    • Minimize changes to core infrastructure.
    • Purity 5.3 (5.3.4) is the designated long-life release.

To gain access to this latest Purity version, please contact Pure Support, your local Pure account team, or your designated Pure value-added partner for additional information and to schedule your non-disruptive upgrade.