When it comes to your data center and controlling file systems, two things that work great together are Pure FlashArray™ and Pure1®. Use them together to unlock powerful benefits and capabilities, including metrics, planning, monitoring, and support for all of your Pure Storage® appliances. 

If you haven’t logged into Pure1 to manage your Pure fleet yet, you’re missing out—on a lot.

Pure1 provides a wealth of information about your storage arrays. Instead of spending nights and weekends troubleshooting performance issues, use Pure1 to look at issues across your stack. You can start at the volume or file-system level and go all the way to an individual virtual machine. 

Pure keeps Pure1 up-to-date by leveraging more than 1 trillion data points and continually adding new capabilities. And because Pure1 is cloud-based and accessible from any device, there’s no need for costly on-premises monitoring infrastructure.

New NFS and SMB File Support 

As part of our continual updates, FlashArray now offers robust NFS and SMB file support in addition to its amazing block-storage capabilities. And Pure1 is right there to give you all the insight you need about those important blocks and files.

Pure1’s simple-to-use UI makes it easy to view performance information for your arrays, volumes, and pods on all the FlashArray devices in your fleet. The expanded capability also shows current and historical performance metrics—including latency, IOPS, and bandwidth—all the way down to the directory level in any file system. And if you need this data for reporting, simply export it or use the Pure1 REST API to automatically integrate that information wherever you’d like.

Pure1 now provides performance and analytics details for file systems and directories on your arrays.

Unified Views Save Time 

Pure1 provides a unified view to monitor the performance of file systems and directories. With these metrics, you can quickly analyze if your file system is accessible, assess the amount of data flowing through the system, and identify important trends over a period of time. 

Focus on managing your business while Pure1 manages your storage. We’re extremely excited about this innovative solution and can’t wait to see how you’ll take advantage of this giant leap toward self-driving storage.

Simplify application-deployment planning with Pure1.

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