A little over a year ago, we launched VM Analytics in Pure1®. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of customers navigate and explore their VM environment. In some cases, VM Analytics helped right away – just the initial overview of the environment exposed issues to be resolved. However, in most cases, VM Analytics is standing by in a healthy environment, ready to navigate you to where an issue might exist if a problem does arise. But why be on standby? Why not start proactively monitoring the environment? 

Well, those are the questions we often get from our customers – and that brings us to the next phase of the product, VM Analytics Pro. Pure1 is the most capable tool in the market for AI-driven predictive analytics with the ability to do a variety of things such as forecasting, simulating hardware changes, and even simulating volume-level changes. Our vision is to bring capabilities similar to what we’ve done for the array to your virtual environment. With VM Analytics Pro, you’ll get the full expertise of our data science team that’s been analyzing storage data for years. But of course, that’s not all we’ve got up our sleeve – Pro gives you up to 3 years of data retention, will add various reports such as top tens and best practices and recommendations, and of course, we will deliver these features continuously like you’d expect in any SaaS product.

Now some of you might be asking – “Well gee, what happens to the VM Analytics that I know and love today?” (Nobody is judging you for saying “well gee” – you do you). Nothing will happen other than more features! We will continue to provide VM Analytics as part of Pure1, and we’ll be calling it VM Analytics Essentials. This will have all the features you enjoy today – nothing will be taken away, and we’ll be adding support for vVols, NFS, and capacity metrics over time as well. I promise we haven’t forgotten about you. Not everyone requires all the advanced features of  Pro, so we wanted to maintain the value that we have today as well as give people an option to upgrade when ready. 

So if this sounds interesting to you, reach out to your Pure account rep to find out how to try out VM Analytics Pro risk-free! We also have a way to try out VM Analytics even if you don’t have any Pure gear – check out the VM Analytics Trial.