At the end of December 2017, Dell EMC launched its Future Proof Loyalty Program. One part of the program includes the ability to “trade-in existing or competitive systems for credit towards next gen Dell EMC storage, data protection or HCI product offerings.” Dell EMC further caveats this program by saying that the “trade-In value determined based on market conditions at Dell EMC’s sole discretion.”

So, let’s examine the current situation. Jeff Clarke, the 30 year plus veteran of Dell, who is now responsible for Dell’s storage portfolio shared with CRN that “rather than have four midrange products [we assume these to be, XtremIO, Unity, SC, and Isilon],” that Dell will now “focus on one”. When Dell finally announces this new product, what will happen to the value of the old products? Naturally, the value would be expected to drop significantly, and immediately. So, if the “investment protection” offered by the “Future Proof Loyalty Program” is a trade-in credit determined by market conditions, what trade-in value will be left? We would argue, there is no significant investment protection at all.Maybe, customers could rely on Dell’s 3-Year Satisfaction Guarantee, oh, except that the remedies are at Dell’s option and only based a failure to meet specifications as defined by Dell, with any potential refund to be prorated. Don’t try to compare that with our Love Your Storage guarantee!

Contrast that to Pure’s Evergreen™ subscription to innovation. Our customers have been able to enjoy a massive increase in capacity, density, performance, and features, with no wasted investment. In fact, over the last several years, our customers have been able to benefit from new features such as ActiveCluster, our multi-site synchronous replication capability, that functionally competes with Dell EMC’s SRDF Metro or VPLEX capabilities, at no additional cost!

Our customers also enjoy that they experience no downtime of any kind (scheduled or unscheduled) when upgrading to the latest generation of hardware or software. In fact, many of our customers have not only benefited from upgraded hardware, they have upgraded their software, media, and even entire platforms without ever needing to migrate data, as our non-disruptive upgrades are always with data in-place. A Pure non-disruptive upgrade can even be done during normal hours of operation, since performance is not impacted during the upgrade. Kudos to great, customer-focused engineering.

Speaking of data in-place migrations, one of the other aspects of the Future Proof Loyalty Program is the idea of “never worry migrations.” At Pure, we ask, why even migrate at all?

Actual “Future-proofing” of technology is not a marketing tool. It involves forethought and advanced engineering. The reason Pure is able to deliver our Evergreen benefits is not because we wrapped some clever financial program  around a marketing effort, it’s because Pure’s products are engineered to be Evergreen.

Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays

It is this engineering that has enamored us to our customers, and helped make Pure a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 5 years in a row. Most recently, Pure continued to extend our leadership by achieving an industry leading certified 86.6 NetPromoter Score (NPS). Read why our customers have given Pure such love.

When it’s all said and done, stop the endless cycle of buying, rebuying, migrating, and wasted investment. Get in touch with Pure, and request a Proof of Concept (PoC) and see for yourself, why Pure is leading the way in delivering true innovation in storage. Move On from Dell EMC, and Move Up to Pure.