A growing number of businesses worldwide are adopting “as-a-service” models. This increasingly popular business model shifts the customer-vendor relationship from a traditional ownership model to one that provides a consumption-based service instead of ownership. 

Consumption-based storage as a service (STaaS) offered by data storage vendors like Pure Storage® enables the cloud experience on or off premises. It’s hybrid in nature and helps reduce the complexity of storage management. STaaS solutions allow companies to focus on business initiatives rather than day-to-day storage operations by transferring the risk of managing and owning the assets to the vendor.

The Business Benefits of STaaS

Removing the risk of asset ownership and day-to-day administration of those assets allows you to achieve the maximum value and experience from your investment. IT staff can then focus on driving business innovation rather than having to handle day-to-day storage administrative duties. 

With STaaS, you can get the data services your organization needs without your IT team having to decipher risks and technologies. You also eliminate hardware asset and lifecycle management resulting in additional cost savings. STaaS models give organizations greater flexibility, agility, transparency, and resiliency. These are the critical factors for business success within the enterprise storage environment. 

If your organization is looking for richer levels of visibility, cross-platform control, advanced AIOps-based data management, and protection that spans the entire edge-to-core continuum, then consumption-based as-a-service models can provide them. 

It’s not surprising then that as-a-service models are continuing to increase in adoption. In fact, in the IDC report, Digital Infrastructure Resiliency Drives Interest in New As-a-Service Cloud Operating Models, analysts predict that “by 2024, over 75% of infrastructure in edge locations will be consumed and/or operated via an as-a-service model, as will more than half of data center infrastructure.”

Evergreen//One: A Leading STaaS Solution

The report goes on to demonstrate that enterprise organizations are prioritizing digital infrastructure resiliency as a foundational element of their IT strategy. Pure Evergreen//One, a fully flexible enterprise-grade storage subscription service, is featured in the report as a leading STaaS solution. Evergreen//One is built around the ability to monitor activity and deliver on service level objectives (SLOs) and service level agreements (SLAs). You can’t deliver a service without monitoring and being held to a promised outcome. 

With Evergreen//One, we monitor the storage service tier to which you’ve subscribed. If we don’t meet the performance or capacity obligations, we proactively upgrade the service infrastructure at no cost to you. This is because we’re committed to a performance and capacity obligation.

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