We’re big on giving our customers options and explaining them when you choose different technologies and solutions. Therefore, when we work with our partners, we make sure we guide our customers throughout the solution, its components, benefits and why to choose it. This way customers can make sure they pick what is right for them.

This, combined with understanding customer needs and requests, helped us come together with Lenovo to build a joint, complete SAP HANA TDI solution and reference architecture. In this blog, we discuss this collaboration with Lenovo.


With a growing customer base of SAP users, Lenovo and Pure Storage are showing how simplicity and performance can save millions. For years, Lenovo systems have provided differentiating advantages for diverse SAP® application workloads powering the digital enterprise, whether your business supports a high-performance data center or a small office. With Pure Storage FlashArray, organizations can dramatically reduce the complexity of storage to make IT more agile and efficient, accelerating the digital transformation to SAP HANA TDI. Together, Pure Storage and Lenovo lead the path to a simple, seamless, and scalable solution.Lenovo System x3850 X6 for SAP HANA

To meet customers’ needs for SAP HANA TDI, Lenovo offers scalable server solutions for customers to address the ever growing business needs. Lenovo X6 servers continue to lead the way as the shift toward mission-critical scalable databases, business analytics, virtualization, enterprise applications, and cloud-computing applications accelerates.

Pure Storage FlashArray

Pure Storage FlashArray enables you to transform your data center, cloud, or entire business with an affordable all-flash array, capable of consolidating and accelerating all your key SAP applications. With Pure Storage FlashArray, organizations can dramatically reduce the complexity of storage to make IT more agile and efficient, accelerating your digital transformation to SAP HANA TDI.

FlashArray//m is tested and validated with a wide range of data center infrastructure and applications to enable seamless deployment and multi-workload consolidation in your data center. The FlashArray//m R2 expands upon the FlashArray’s modular, stateless architecture, designed to enable expandability and upgradability for generations. Database workloads require a high IO bandwidth and low latency, and will therefor typically perform best on FlashArray//X NVMe media, not showing any performance degradation when overloaded with I/O requests. The newest performance and scale configs (//X50, //X70 and //X90) support existing SAS shelves and our traditional Flash Modules, along with the new DirectFlash Shelf which  enables systems to achieve full capacity with 100% DirectFlash NVMe modules for the best system performance.

The following figure shows the Pure Storage models and the estimated maximum number of HANA worker nodes that can be connected according to the array model:

Running SAP HANA and non-HANA mixed workloads

To prevent a SAP HANA workload from being impacted by a non-HANA workload, the Purity storage software operating environment will allow prioritization of workloads, based on policies. Storage QoS is a critical feature for both multi-tier consolidation of workloads and multi-tenancy. This feature autonomically protects system workloads against a single workload (usually called a noisy neighbor) consuming all system resources or impacting all tenants.

Data Reduction on Compressed Databases

Thanks to FlashArray’s unmatched data reduction capabilities, the SAP HANA TDI database persistence is reduced by a factor of 1.6:1 to 2.2:1.

Data Copy Management using Pure Storage FlashRecover storage snapshots

Pure Storage FlashRecover Snapshots are an intrinsic part of the Purity Operating Environment. They deliver superior space efficiency, high scalability, and simplicity of volume snapshot management.

Disaster Tolerance using Pure Storage Active Cluster synchronous replication

With built-in Purity Active Cluster, SAP HANA TDI can now benefit from the simple to deploy, always-on business continuity provided by via active/active storage replication, providing Transparent Failover. Effectively protect your data with integrated high availability and synchronous or asynchronous disaster recovery capabilities using Pure Storage Active Cluster storage replication options.


The joint white paper can be found here. The test results achieved with this Reference Architecture setup clearly demonstrate the high performance, resiliency and scalability of Lenovo Server and Pure Storage’s FlashArray for SAP HANA TDI environments. The solution demonstrates how customers can achieve these benefits with minimal server tuning and storage configuration setup. These benefits will be even more pronounced on the higher level FlashArray //X R2 generation.