Check out the newest addition to the Pure Storage Family!  FlashRecover!  Pure Storage’s new native replication solution!  In traditional Pure Storage fashion, we have changed the game once again…….check out the features:

  • Simple and easy to deploy in minutes
  • Native dedupe and compression over the wire
  • No additional hardware, licensing, or professional services required
  • Native automation for local and remote replication
  • Consistency groups for write consistent snapshots and replicas
  • Local and remote retention and trim policies for point in time replicas
  • Replication of volumes, hosts, or host groups  (ability to replicate an entire application easily)
  • Super Low RPO (1 minute)
  • Unlimited distances  (within 300 ms rt latency)
  • Many-to-One, One-to-Many, bi-directional replication supported
  • Ability to restore, validate replication, or create a clone (virtual instance) at any point in time without breaking replication both locally and remotely

Pure Awesomeness!  Reach out if you are interesting in seeing more or would like a deeper replication demo!

Till next time……..stay flashy my friends!


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