SGEN is used to generate the ABAP loads of a number of programs, function groups, ABAP classes, BSP applications etc. This is also one of the other longest running activities performed during a system copy process.

This SGEN process can be accelerated on Pure Storage® FlashArray//m by a big factor. In order to accelerate this process increase the number of parallel dialog work process temporarily as SGEN uses dialog work processes to compile ABAP programs. This is done by changing the instance profile in the transaction RZ10.

In order to make sure that SGEN transaction is using the maximum number of free dialog work processes do the following.

Go to the transaction RZ12 use the RFC group parallel_generators which will ensure to use the maximum number of dialog processes to parallelize the sgen process.


In the below sgen load testing we have tested with 92 dialog work processes to generate 373630 objects as shown below.job_monitor

The whole SGEN generation process on Pure Storage FlashArray//m with 92 dialog work processes and the whole process took around less than 5 minutes to generate 373630 objects. Below is the view from Pure Storage FlashArray//m GUI which shows the whole execution on SGEN.

As seen below some of the highlights are the latency throughout was always sub-millisecond with a peak IOPS of ~26000 SAPS (13000 IOPS) and peak bandwidth was around 200 MB/sec.sgen_run_pure

SGEN load generation process is accelerated on Pure Storage FlashArray//m by a factor of 2-3 times when the number of dialog work processes are increased and utilization is set to high via server group parallel_generators. As seen in SGEN load testing changing parallelization to the maximum is enough to accelerate the whole process by a factor of 2-3 times in SAP Netweaver systems due to our guaranteed sub-millisecond latency performance and high bandwidth on pure storage FlashArray//m.