Today’s modern applications need a complete ecosystem to perform. Databases and SRM and ERP tools are just some of the business-critical applications that require a solid foundation on which to run. But trying to build an environment with off-the-shelf components can lead to disaster. In fact, some of the most expensive IT failures in history were application-based.

So how do you ensure your applications and data infrastructure can deliver the performance and availability your business needs? Cisco, Pure Storage®, and Veeam are making it easier with a new Cisco Validated Design.

Why You Need a Tailored Solution

Not all applications are created equal. Application performance requirements and availability needs will vary. For example, an SAP HANA failure can cost upwards of $200K/hour until restored. For SAP Basis admins, backup apps are mission-critical. In fact, risk is a bigger concern to mission-critical app admins than almost anything else.

While recovery point objectives (RPOs) tend to be stringent across the board, disparities exist—especially for SaaS applications. Business-critical applications benefit from a holistic infrastructure. The infrastructure should combine compute, networking, and storage with simplified management and automation tools to help ensure maximum performance and data availability.

FlashStack for Veeam

FlashStack® is a joint solution from Pure and Cisco. The pre-tested, validated architecture combines Pure all-flash storage with Cisco server and networking components. It delivers an efficient solution that you can deploy quickly and confidently.

Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) are blueprints for maximizing availability and performance. They provide the foundation for system design based on common use cases or engineering system priorities. CVDs are tested and validated.

Pure and Veeam saw the need to deliver an application environment designed to support the performance, scalability, and flexibility requirements of application workloads. We partnered to create a new CVD for FlashStack designed to deliver maximum availability and enhanced performance.

Optimized Architecture for Business Continuity

The new CVD incorporates Veeam Backup & Replication v11 for data protection. Veeam is tightly integrated with Pure’s snapshot technology via the Veeam Universal Storage API. This allows you to snapshot any volume, instantaneously and without stun. Leverage these snapshots for backups or replicas by Veeam as often as you like.

Availability and restore needs are enhanced using FlashArray//C as secondary storage. This allows you to deploy the best solution to meet the most stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs) for application recovery.

Figure 1: Fast restores with storage efficiency using FlashArray//C and Veeam for backup.

Combining Veeam with Pure all-flash architecture delivers maximum flash-based performance that can handle multiple workloads to significantly improve data protection. FlashArray consistently delivers speeds up to 7TB/hour for backups and up to 2TB/hour for restores. Speed is critical when you’re trying to recover from natural or human-made disasters, ransomware attacks, data corruption, or accidental deletions.

FlashArray//C targets multiple workloads and large-scale deployments with:

  • All-QLC flash storage for cost-effective, capacity-oriented workloads
  • Advanced data services and technologies for guaranteed data efficiency
  • Scale-up, scale-out architecture to meet the capacity expansion requirements of data-intensive workloads
  • Non-disruptive, Evergreen architecture that eliminates risky, complex, and costly upgrades

Build a Safer Business with our Cisco Validated Design

Pure and Cisco have spent years optimizing FlashStack for performance, scalability, and availability. The list of benefits is compelling. Plus, you can get FlashStack via a variety of flexible-consumption models to meet your organization’s needs.

Gain more simplicity, flexibility, and speed. Maximize a fully integrated application-centric infrastructure specifically tailored to your individual application needs.

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