Some of the most critical information systems today can consist of a variety of SAP applications and landscapes. Any disruption to the flow of information in these systems could lead to a significant impact on business operations. Any impact on business operations could lead to disruptions in productivity or a damaged reputation.

As business data growth accelerates, SAP HANA is becoming the default solution for organization. This is because it offers exceptional performance and response times for both OLTP and OLAP workloads. As data growth is a never-increasing factor with these systems, the risk faced by any downtime could cause business failure.

These risks are manageable through the use of FlashArray™ and the Purity operating environment. Organizations can protect their SAP HANA landscape using storage snapshots, synchronous replication with ActiveCluster™, and asynchronous replication. Each of these simple and powerful features are available in the array at no extra cost.

Normal methods of protecting SAP HANA databases involve backing up to a local disk, NFS share, or Backint certified storage target. These methods sometimes cannot finish within a specified backup window. When this happens, organizations can turn towards the use of storage snapshots to protect their data. Snapshot creation is near-instantaneous and once a snapshot is present it can be offloaded to a third-party target. These targets can be another FlashArray, an Amazon S3 bucket, Azure BLOB storage, or NFS share. This ensures that a snapshot is a candidate for backup and recovery, ensuring that data is available for data loss scenarios.

Business continuity for SAP HANA is achieved through the use of system or storage replication. Storage replication with FlashArray using Purity ActiveCluster ensures continuity during failure scenarios.

In this whitepaper, we address each method organizations can use to protect their SAP HANA environment. Some of the methods explored are ActiveCluster, Storage Snapshots, and Asynchronous replication. To get started with the whitepaper, a navigational area can assist with the explanation of high-level concepts. Using this interactive feature, readers will direct themselves towards the most relevant section.

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