Pure Storage® FlashBlade® is now an AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) target for Commvault for AWS Outposts backup and recovery. This solution provides scalable rapid restore for on-premises Elastic Computing (EC2) instances and enables you to leverage FlashBlade with SafeMode™ snapshots for ransomware mitigation.

A fully managed service, AWS Outposts extends AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to on-premises environments. Protecting Outposts is a critical part of data-protection strategies. In partnership with Commvault, Pure provides backup and recovery of data residing on an AWS Outpost to a FlashBlade device as an AWS S3 target.

Figure 1: On Prem protection of Outposts & secure in the public cloud

You have two backup options:

  • Backup files and directories within an on-premises AWS EC2 instance to FlashBlade.
  • Use Commvault’s Amazon hypervisor configuration to back up entire EC2 instances to FlashBlade.

You can use the same workflows of existing FlashBlade and Commvault solutions with AWS Outposts. There are two setup options for initial configuration: Host these services on an EC2 instance within Outposts or use your existing CommServe and MediaAgent deployment. Like fully on-premises workloads, you can set up a FlashBlade AWS S3 bucket as a cloud MediaAgent in CommServe.

Option 1
Backup a file system—or single file—within another EC2 instance to the FlashBlade S3 bucket.

Set up simple Commvault parameters to protect either the file system or a set of files within the EC2 instance. Then, select FlashBlade as the target storage for the backup.

Option 2
Use the Commvault hypervisor tools to back up an entire EC2 instance.

Create an Amazon-specific hypervisor and specify AWS REST API access keys so Commvault can perform actions like deploying new instances during recovery. Once the hypervisor exists, you can configure various VM groups (EC2 instance groups) to protect. You can group the instances by AWS region, instance type, or instance tags. Then, you can set up backup schedules for your Amazon VM groups and perform rapid restore of EC2 instances as needed.

If you’re using AWS Outposts, you’ll need to protect Outposts instances in case of data loss. With this new integration, you can now leverage your existing FlashBlade and Commvault solution for hybrid-cloud workflows as well.

Pure FlashBlade with Commvault for Data Protection is a Pure Validated Design and certified as AWS Outposts Ready. To learn more, download our solution brief to see how Pure and Commvault can protect your AWS Outposts data.

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