During the Pure//Accelerate 2016 conference we announced the Pure Storage Hybrid All-Flash Cloud with Microsoft Azure. During the conference we presented sessions and demonstrations detailing how to deploy and get started with Azure ExpressRoute and a Cloud Exchange Provider. We partnered with Equinix to build and validate our solution in their Solution Validation Center. As a follow-up to the announcement we made this article provides a demonstration video illustrating connectivity setup using the Pure Storage Open Connect for Microsoft Azure PowerShell Module.

The demonstration video covers the following topics:

  • Discussing the use of the custom configuration XML file (0:00 – 5:30)
  • Use the Open Connect for Microsoft Azure PowerShell cmdlets (5:30 – 10:00)
  • Management of the FlashArray (10:00 – 11:37) and Services (11:37 – 13:36)
  • Creating snapshots, volumes and connecting to a VM using the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK (13:37 – 17:30)
  • Discuss the Azure Classic and Resource Manager portals (17:30 – 19:05)