What if your applications could run 10X faster? What if your rack space could be reduced by 96%? What if you could accelerate your business 16X? Guess what, you can have all of these business analytics benefits without changing your application or work process with flash!

I joined Pure Storage because I believe flash storage will have a seismic impact on the datacenter. I plan to share examples of how Pure Storage is delivering such transformations for our customers. Today’s post is the first in what I expect to be a long running series…

Recently we helped a customer accelerate their business analytics by reducing the time required for an analytics process from 11 days to less than 8 hours! Allow me to elaborate so that you can truly appreciate the impact of this story. This customer has an analytics process that is comprised of a batch job that runs for 19 hours and requires 11 iterations to be run in order to compile the data. This means the business could not begin analyzing and interpreting the output until 11 business days after the start of the process.

By simply replacing their legacy storage architecture with a Pure Storage FlashArray, they were able to reduce the process of the batch run from 19 hours to 43 minutes. To clarify, we reduced the time required to run the report from 1,140 minutes to merely 43! As a result the analytics process has been reduced from 11 days to 1!

In addition to this gain the customer has been able to drastically increase the number of users and concurrent batch and ad-hoc reports being run from 3 users each running 2 reports to over 50 users. This is a 16X gain in processing by increasing the number of concurrent reports from 6 to 100.

Flash: Defining Disruptive Technology and Improving Business Analytics

In many ways this customer was like many of you. They made wise investments in the best of breed technology provided by their existing storage vendor. In this instance the customer invested in a six-engine ‘scale-out’ storage array with a hybrid configuration comprised of approximately 1,000 HDDs and 100 SSDs.

This configuration, designed solely for performance, required 8 data center floor tiles to operate. Specifically, this behemoth was comprised of one 24” cabinet for the 6 data engines and five 30” cabinets for the disk and solid-state drives. All of this was replaced by 8RU (rack units) of FlashArray.

These results demonstrate the impact Pure Storage is delivering daily. Beyond the acceleration of analytics, the customer received a massive reduction in datacenter resources in spanning rack space, power and cooling. This was on top of a massive reduction in storage acquisition and operational costs (I forgot to mention that the FlashArray was installed in under 15 minutes).

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The All-Flash Enterprise? Maybe the Flash-Powered Economy!

The performance of flash can deliver astonishing performance gains without any other changes in the environment. When you can deliver flash at the price of spinning disk, you introduce a new paradigm to customers. They can accelerate their business and reduce time to market while reducing their costs. I’m beginning to wonder if we should be referring to the All-Flash Enterprise as the Flash-Powered Economy.

We moved mountains (of hardware and time) for this customer. Contact us, or one of our VAR partners, and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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