This month, Pure Storage released version 4.1.5 of the Purity//FB operating environment, our unified fast file and object platform that covers all current FlashBlade® customers. This release delivers better security and more flexible expansions and feature coverage across the file and object protocol stack.

Since its release in June 2022, FlashBlade//S™ has exceeded expectations, being adopted by more customers and in larger sizes. With unstructured data being the fastest-growing area of data today, and in the foreseeable future, there’s never been a better time to become a FlashBlade customer.

 Purity//FB 4.1.5 delivers our latest software release enhancements to all existing FlashBlade customers, and FlashBlade//S customers. Purity//FB 4.1.5 includes feature updates such as:

  • File system enhancements that let you control access to SMB shares at a client level. This provides more security to SMB shares by limiting which network clients can access it. NTLMv2 authentication for SMB provides flexibility to users that are not joined to the domain to authenticate to FlashBlade. The enhancements also improve disaster recovery and data protection for up to 1,000 file systems with fan-out (supporting replication from 1 system to 10 systems) and fan-in (supporting replication from 10 systems to 1 system).
  • Object storage enhancements that enable three-site replication topologies, with multi-site writable buckets at two primary sites, replicating to a third site for better DR resiliency, improved overall RPO and data protection, while also supporting Object Lock for data immutability at the third location. 
  • Support for TLS 1.3 for higher performance, including faster handshakes and better data security.

In the coming weeks, we’ll share more details about some of these new features and talk about the value they bring to FlashBlade customers. What hasn’t changed is the value that FlashBlade brings to customers, enabling you to:

Uncomplicate Unstructured Data 

  • Accelerate the pace of innovation and gain insight from your data faster.
  • Bring simplicity, scale, and multi-dimensional performance necessary for consolidation of key unstructured data workloads.

Leverage Industry-leading Sustainability

  • Get the most from your data center by reducing space and power consumption.
  • Deliver high performance on key metrics such as capacity per watt, bandwidth per watt, and capacity per rack unit.

Stay Evergreen

  • Move to Purity//FB 4.1.5 without disruption or downtime.
  • Put platform obsolescence in the rearview mirror with all-inclusive software, blade upgrades, trade-in credit on model upgrades, and capacity consolidation with FlashBlade//S. 

FlashBlade//S continues to deliver innovation that solves customer problems at scale. We’re excited to share more about the feature set in Purity 4.1.5 that will further enable you to minimize unstructured data storage complexity and scale as needed to combat the ever-increasing amounts of data. Be on the lookout for upcoming articles dedicated to each of the new features in Purity 4.1.5. 

Learn more about Pure FlashBlade and why FlashBlade//S is the last scale-out storage platform you’ll ever need.