IT operations teams have big initiatives to tackle. One of the biggest is streamlining infrastructure management of enterprise private clouds, mission-critical applications, and new cloud-native applications. Having the right solutions to fuel these efforts is critical.

Pure Storage® FlashArray™ is the leader in providing a Modern Data Experience™ for VMware environments. We’re pleased to announce a new Pure Validated Design for VMware vSphere with Tanzu and Pure FlashArray. Pure Validated Designs provide best practices and guidance for setting up and deploying solutions on Pure architecture. They’re based on proven success to help you save time and money.

With the new Pure Validated Design for VMware vSphere with Tanzu and FlashArray, customers can accelerate their path to an efficient solution for VMware infrastructure and Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Is King

There’s no denying it: Kubernetes is the de-facto platform for cloud-native applications and the modernization of legacy applications. Kubernetes is available through cloud providers, managed services offerings, and container management software vendors.

VMware offers various ways to consume Kubernetes. It opens up new opportunities for IT operations to collaborate closely with application development teams to accelerate innovation. It also enables customers to leverage existing investments and shared infrastructure for greater efficiency.

Tanzu Offers Flexibility

Tanzu is a broad portfolio of products and services that allow customers to build, run, and manage their modern applications. vSphere with Tanzu enables customers to build Kubernetes-based applications on their existing network and shared storage infrastructure.

The latest vSphere 7.0.1 update offers vSphere with Tanzu deployment flexibility with bring-your-own storage, networking, and load balancing. vSphere 7.0.1 includes a 60-day evaluation of vSphere with Tanzu.

vSphere admins can leverage existing infrastructure and VMware tools to quickly deliver Kubernetes namespaces for development teams in just a few hours. Meanwhile, developers will be able to utilize upstream-compliant Kubernetes infrastructure. This allows both teams to use existing tools to seamlessly collaborate and align to support modern applications.

vSphere with Tanzu is currently available in three editions: Basic, Standard, and Advanced.

Source: VMware

VMware and Pure Storage Integration Is Deep with vSphere Tanzu Deployment

The Pure Storage plugin for the vSphere Client allows you to manage FlashArray from a single pane of glass—the vSphere Client. It also integrates with PowerShell, vRealize Orchestrator, Ansible, Python, and native REST API. You can also use the regular UI. The choice is yours.

Instead of having to re-architect your network and utilize NSX-T, vSphere with Tanzu now offers the ability to utilize vCenter Server Networking. Use this bring-your-own-network solution to leverage existing network resources, along with HAProxy load balancing, to enable vSphere Workload Management.

Utilizing a standard YAML or the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid CLI, you can easily provision Tanzu Kubernetes clusters on existing ESXi clusters. There’s nothing to install or configure for FlashArray. vSphere with Tanzu uses the native container storage interface (CSI) driver. The CSI driver integrates with Pure Storage’s ability to support cloud-native storage (CNS). Once a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster is created, developers can deploy cloud-native apps easily and gain all of the benefits that FlashArray with vVols as persistent storage offers.

If you’re ready to start your cloud-native journey with Pure Storage and VMware, look no further. The new Pure Validated Design provides tested and proven instructions on how to stand up a vSphere with Tanzu environment with Pure Storage FlashArray easily and simply.

Download the Pure Validated Design for VMware vSphere with Tanzu and FlashArray.

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