New-FlashArrayCapacityReport has been updated in the latest release of the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit 1802.13. The report that is generated provides a view of the FlashArray that includes the following:

  • Information about the FlashArray such as Name, Purity Version, ID, System Capacity and more.
  • Details about volumes such as Name, Size, Data Reduction, Thin Provisioning and Shared Space.
  • Volumes section has a Protected column to indicate if a volume is protected by a snapshot.
  • Details about individual FlashRecover Snapshots.
  • Parameters
    • EndPoint — Flash Array IP or FQDN.
    • Credential — Get-Credential or pass in a Secure Credential object.
    • VolumeFilter — Filter out for a specific pattern of volume name. Eg. *Server*, finds anything with the word Server in the name. Default parameter value is “*” to include all volumes.
    • OutFilePath — Location of the HTML report file. This can be a URL or share as well as local. Eg. C:Temp
    • HTMLFileName — Name of the report. Eg. Test-Report.html

Example report with no filtering:

Example report with filtering (Eg. -VolumeFilter *Server*):