I’m excited to announce that we have an official technology partnership with HashiCorp. This partnership allows Pure Storage to have our Terraform integrations validated and enables us to regularly enhance and provide jointly validated solutions.

The Pure Cloud Block Store Provider for Terraform allows customers to automate the deployment of Pure Cloud Block Store™ (CBS) in both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. This automation is important as customers begin to shift to a DevOps approach with infrastructure as code.

With Pure Cloud Block Store, customers get enterprise-grade storage features in the cloud. Pure Cloud Block Store enables more efficient DevTest and seamless migration between on-premises and public clouds, as well as high availability and disaster recovery within a cloud or even between multiple clouds.

The Pure Cloud Block Store Provider has allowed solutions to be created that can help customers get started automating Pure Storage cloud solutions.

The first, is a way to jump-start Pure Cloud Block Store deployments, covering full stack deployment in both Azure and AWSs. The community contributed Pure Cloud Block Store Quick Launch provides a Terraform automation to stand up all needed resources in Azure or AWS using a single Terraform module. It’s a great solution for customers looking to perform a POC or rapidly provision a full cloud deployment.

Another great way to get started is using the Azure Arc Portworx® VMware Faststart on Pure’s OpenConnect site. It contains Terraform automation of configurations for deploying SQL Server 2019 big data clusters and Azure Arc-enabled data services controllers to infrastructure virtualized via VMware. This solution has Portworx PX-Backup installed to back up and restore Kubernetes clusters.

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