I am happy to announce a HUGE release of the PowerShell SDK, version 1.13. With this new release the version naming adopts the REST API version that is supported as part of the SDK. This should help remove confusion for the latest version of the REST API that is supported with new releases of the SDK.

Installation process is the same from the PowerShell Gallery (PSGallery).

Note: Use Set-PSRepository to enable the PSGallery as Trusted to avoid the Untrusted message.

New -Filter Parameter for FlashArray Remote Filtering

A new parameter, -Filter, has been added for any cmdlet that supports returning multiple objects. The cool thing about using the -Filter parameter is that is provides FlashArray filtering vs client-side filtering (Eg. Where-Object). This can be very beneficial when working with large amounts of volumes, snapshots or hosts so a large dataset is not returned to the client. It would be great to get feedback on this new parameter, add a comment here or ping me via twitter (@8arkz).

To get help using this new -Filter parameter use the following:

New ActiveCluster Cmdlets

A lot of the work in SDK 1.13 corresponds to the latest release of Purity 5.x. In the new version Purity we introduced ActiveCluster for synchronous replication.

  • Add-PfaArrayToPod
  • Copy-PfaPod
  • Get-PfaAllPodFootprint
  • Get-PfaAllPodMediator
  • Get-PfaAllPodSpaceHistory
  • Get-PfaAllPodSpaces
  • Get-PfaNamedPodFootprint
  • Get-PfaNamedPodMediator
  • Get-PfaNamedPodSpace
  • Get-PfaNamedPodSpaceHistory
  • Get-PfaNamedPods
  • Get-PfaPendingDeletePods
  • Get-PfaPendingPodFootprint
  • Get-PfaPendingPodMediator
  • Get-PfaPendingPodSpace
  • Get-PfaPod
  • Get-PfaPods
  • New-PfaPod
  • Remove-PfaArrayFromPod
  • Remove-PfaPod
  • Rename-PfaPod
  • Restore-PfaPod
  • Get-PfaRemoteHost
  • Get-PfaRemoteHostGroup
  • Get-PfaRemoteHostGroupVolumeConnections
  • Get-PfaRemoteHostGroups
  • Get-PfaRemoteHosts
  • Get-PfaRemoteVolumeHostConnections
  • Get-PfaRemoteVolumeHostGroupConnections
  • Get-PfaVolumeConnection

Example of adding and removing a volume from a Pod:

New Named Certificate Management Cmdlets

  • Get-PfaNamedCertificate
  • Get-PfaNamedCertificateAttribute
  • Get-PfaNamedCertificateAttributes
  • Import-PfaNamedCertificate
  • Remove-PfaNamedCertificate
  • New-PfaNamedCertificateImport
  • New-PfaNamedSelfSignedCertificate

New Mirrored IO Statistics Cmdlets

Retrieves  performance statistics for I/Os that have been mirrored as part of ActiveCluster.

  • Get-PfaAllHostGroupIOMetricsMirrored
  • Get-PfaAllHostIOMetricsMirrored
  • Get-PfaAllPodIOMetricsMirrored
  • Get-PfaAllVolumeIOMetricsMirrored
  • Get-PfaArrayIOMetricsMirrored
  • Get-PfaHostGroupIOMetricsMirrored
  • Get-PfaHostIOMetricsMirrored
  • Get-PfaPodIOMetricsMirrored
  • Get-PfaVolumeIOMetricsMirrored

New Cmdlets to Support Key Management 

  • Get-PfaKmip
  • Get-PfaKmips
  • New-PfaKmip
  • Remove-PfaKmip
  • Test-PfaKmip
  • Update-PfaKmip

New Purity Run Cmdlet

  • Get-PfaPureAppsAttributes

Example of retrieving Purity Run app status. Today we support Windows Files Services (WFS) that uses Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard edition to run file services with Failover Clustering.

New Volume Group and VVol Cmdlets

  • Get-PfaAllVolumeGroupIOMetrics
  • Get-PfaAllVolumeGroupIOMetricsByTimeRange
  • Get-PfaAllVolumeGroupsIOMetricsAverage
  • Get-PfaAllVolumeGroupsIOMetricsTotal
  • Get-PfaVolumeGroupIOMetrics
  • Get-PfaVolumeGroupIOMetricsAverage
  • Get-PfaVolumeGroupIOMetricsByTimeRange
  • Get-PfaVolumeGroupSpaceMetrics
  • Get-PfaVolumeGroupSpaceMetrics
  • Get-PfaNamedVolumeGroupsIOMetricsByTimeRange
  • Get-PfaNamedVolumeGroups
  • Get-PfaPendingDeleteVolumeGroups
  • Get-PfaProtocolEndpointVolumes
  • Get-PfaProtocolEndpointVolume
  • Get-PfaVolumeGroups
  • Get-PfaVolumeGroup
  • New-PfaHostGroupProtocolEndpointVolumeConnection
  • New-PfaHostProtocolEndpointVolumeConnection
  • New-PfaProtocolEndpointVolume
  • New-PfaVolumeGroup    
  • Remove-PfaVolumeGroup
  • Restore-PfaVolumeGroup

Additional New Cmdlets

  • Get-PfaArrayTCPConnection
  • Set-PfaSnmpManagerNotification


Phew! Lots of additions and more examples will be coming on my blog.