A key tenet at Pure Storage is that innovation to solve customer problems never stops. We regularly deliver new, compelling solutions to customer challenges as part of our Evergreen™ promise. Our engineering team has just delivered several significant and new capabilities with Pure Cloud Block Store™ and FlashArray™ to solve customer challenges, wherever their cloud may be or however they prefer to use different cloud technologies. Here are four new Pure Cloud Block Store integrations and partner solutions (including cloud migration) we’re excited to announce:

Solution #1: Seamless Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Migration

First, let’s talk about the challenge of just getting your data to the cloud. No doubt, certain workloads benefit from on-premises, enterprise primary storage. But the cloud provides flexible and scalable data services that can be called on as you need them—whether that’s for DevTest, backup or archive, or hybrid workloads. Enterprise customers want to get data to the cloud as easily as possible. They also want to have consistent data services between their clouds (on-prem or public).

Pure Cloud Block Store provides the same familiar, enterprise storage features that Pure is known for on-premises—in the cloud. And now, we’ve engineered integrations with key hyperscaler, cloud migration tools, so you can get your data to the cloud more easily. For a while now, on-premises to cloud replication options for migration from Pure included Purity CloudSnap™ and asynchronous replication to both AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Now, two important migration tools integrate with Pure Cloud Block Store. Microsoft Azure Migrate and AWS Migration Services enable you to migrate and convert VMware VMs to clouds by only including boot/OS volumes. The migration steps are easy to follow and cost-effective. And they require only minimal downtime.

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Solution #2: Multicloud Data Protection

For on-premises business continuity and disaster recovery, ActiveCluster™ enables zero RPO and zero RTO at metro distances. ActiveDR™ provides near-zero RPO/RTO between on-premises FlashArray devices at virtually any distance around the world. And now, we’re providing those same capabilities between disparate public clouds.

Want to provide business continuity between availability zones of either AWS or Azure? No problem. Need active-active synchronous replication between Azure and AWS? For your most critical business workloads, we’ve got you covered. Pure Cloud Block Store supports multicloud ActiveCluster and ActiveDR. While the cost of data egress between clouds isn’t cheap, you may want to explore this option if your workloads are super-critical.

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Solution #3: Cloud Automation with HashiCorp Terraform

To enable enterprise data services and DevTest faster in the cloud, automation is critical. We’re proud to announce a new technical alliance with HashiCorp, the leader in cloud infrastructure automation. Pure has a new validated Terraform provider for Pure Cloud Block Store that makes cloud and database admins’ jobs easier than ever. Through this collaboration, we can deliver validated solutions and more automated cloud services in the future.

Get a Quick Start to your Deployment of Pure Cloud Block Store with Terraform

Solution #4: On-Premises Cloud with AWS Outposts

For customers who are all-in on an AWS cloud platform but have workload requirements on-premises, AWS Outposts provides public-cloud consistency with hybrid-cloud capability. FlashArray has been a leader in all-flash and primary storage in on-premises data centers for years. Now, we’re bringing those benefits to customers with AWS Outposts storage requirements. FlashArray achieved AWS Outposts Ready designation last year, ensuring ease of interoperability for our customers.

For open source databases, such as MySQL and MariaDB, FlashArray can improve performance while also providing enterprise storage data services that make DevTest, high availability, and disaster recovery easier. In our testing, we found that FlashArray was up to four times faster than standard AWS EBS. Please remember that cloud migration is still an option!

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Summary on Cloud Migration

Driven to innovate, we’ll continue to evolve Pure Cloud Block Store and cloud data services to provide you with an Evergreen experience with the cloud of your choice. Whether you have on-premises private-cloud, hybrid-cloud, or multicloud aspirations, contact your Pure partner or representative to discuss how we can help you meet your most challenging data needs.

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