Today we are excited to announce the ability for the Pure1 MetaTM Workload Planner to simulate hardware upgrades to the full suite of FlashArray//X products. FlashArray has many incredible uses including being used in SQL servers. The Workload Planner also supports simulating the addition of NVMe and SAS shelves for capacity expansion.

In addition, we’ve added a new fleet view, which you can find under the Plot tab, that allows you to identify at-risk arrays at a glance, and see how different upgrade scenarios would position different arrays across your fleet.

Here’s a video tour of what you can do in the Workload Planner:

The Workload Planner serves as the single place for understanding growth in your environment, identifying issues early and simulating capacity and controller upgrades to remedy those issues before they happen.


For more details head over to our blog posts on how the planner works and the machine learning that goes into it.

If you’re a Pure customer try out the new hardware change feature in Pure1®.

To learn more, see the resources below or contact Pure Storage.

Download FlashArray