Last week, Pure Storage® announced its intent to acquire Portworx. We’re excited to welcome the team into the Pure family. Containers and Kubernetes have been a focus of mine for the last three years. At my very first DockerCon in 2017 to the last in-person KubeCon in San Diego in 2019, the presence of Portworx was undeniable. Customers loved their solutions. I’m extremely excited to see what Pure and Portworx can do working together to enable the next generation of application innovation for Kubernetes. So I welcome our new teammates with the most orange you’ve ever seen on a Zoom call.

Pure Delivers the Leading CSI with Pure Service Orchestrator™ 

Pure Service Orchestrator is massively successful and making Kubernetes and containers one of the fastest-growing use cases for Pure storage platforms. Many brands you see every day use Pure Service Orchestrator to power their production Kubernetes clusters and DevOps processes. The Engineering team created the most complete CSI integration of any on-premises storage vendor, and they’re not stopping their innovation there.  Pure Service Orchestrator had one hurdle to potential customers testing it out, however. You need to have access to a physical appliance or Pure Cloud Block Store™. As much we wish it were so, you can’t just fire it up in a lab and try it out. And that’s where Portworx comes in…

Portworx Opens the Door to Cloud-native Anywhere

Portworx is the leading cloud-native data management and software-defined storage solution. Pioneering the concepts of not only data persistence but also resiliency and portability across clouds, Portworx offers a suite of products to provide the Kubernetes Data Management Platform. PX-Store provides cloud-native storage for Kubernetes anywhere—in every public cloud and with integrations for block-storage services from cloud providers. PX-DR and PX-Migrate are true hybrid-cloud solutions that are generally available now and can be used in any cloud. Don’t wait for the legacy vendors to finish the tech preview. With the ability to use the data-management features, including snapshots, backups, and clones in any Kubernetes environment, you can start using it today by simply downloading the spec for your environment. It’s 100% software, so it’s easy to test and see how you can start leveraging it. Portworx Essentials is free forever for up to five nodes and 5TB of storage. PX-Enterprise® provides unlimited storage and up to 1000 nodes, plus much more.

Learn more about how to install Portworx on Kubernetes or sign in to Portworx to generate a spec.

Portworx provides a way to leverage legacy on-premises storage while focusing on delivering applications on a common platform. Once your old storage reaches the end of its life cycle, you can migrate to FlashArray™ and FlashBlade® in your data center or move to a public cloud. Your application-delivery and data-consumption methods don’t change. You’re now fully free to innovate.

Solutions for a Diverse Customer Experience

Customer demands are shifting. Traditional enterprises expect backup policies, disaster-recovery options, and compliance. They’re trying to transform and deliver business value from IT faster. Deploying to production used to be a yearly event, but as they progress through this process, deployments become quicker and innovation could outpace traditional data-management procedures. The Kubernetes Data Management Platform from Portworx helps Enterprise IT keep pace with this change because it’s built completely on top of this new platform.

On the other hand, cloud-native users are 100% born in the cloud and will never know the pain of legacy storage refreshes. They’ll never pay a data-center electric bill. They had to innovate to remain relevant from the start. Trying to get them to use a storage appliance for Kubernetes is like me trying to explain life before the iPhone to my teenage daughter. As cloud-native startups grow, a platform that can run independently from proprietary infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds and migrate applications and data from a common platform becomes key to their long-term growth. A completely software-driven solution delivers the power to protect and migrate in any location and still innovate with the resources of a public cloud.

Portworx and Pure: A Slipway to Launch Innovation

Both traditional enterprises and cloud-native startups alike can utilize the same base platform in Kubernetes to deliver the applications that power their businesses. The combined approach of Portworx and Pure Storage will guide them toward a complete data-management solution. One that meets the needs of an enterprise needing to re-platform its monoliths or the leanest cloud-native startup looking to streamline the administrative burden of data persistence.

For Pure users, now is the time to get ahead of the curve when it comes to containers and cloud-native applications. Find out who’s running Kubernetes or starting to think about it within your organization. Ask your Pure Storage team to set up a demonstration of Pure Service Orchestrator so you can show your Kubernetes administrators just how easy it is to use stateful applications with Pure Storage and Portworx. Create an evaluation for Portworx in your VMware lab. Find out how everything Pure has done for your environment already can be applied to your persistent data for Kubernetes today. Test out Portworx on Kubernetes now.