The Microsoft Solutions team at Pure has updated the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Pack for FlashArray™. Release 1.2 of the SCOM Management Pack:

  • Extends existing capabilities to Microsoft data analytics with SCOM
  • Brings minor fixes to assist with alert and monitor descriptors
  • Provides efficiencies in memory usage through the management pack.

The module is now open source and available on GitHub. The release includes PowerShell functions. With them, SCOM administrators can create scripts to alter management-pack thresholds and values. The new features and fixes in release 1.2 include:

New Features  

  • A configuration parameter to disable logging to the array so you can reduce the number of log entries related to the management pack operations reported to the FlashArray.
  • A utility PowerShell module released as open source with scripts that enable bulk overrides of SCOM overridable configuration parameters, plus bulk changes to rules, monitors, and discoveries of thresholds
  • Alert messages for the alert-rule and port-health monitors


  • Resource leak issues triggered by running some rules, monitors, and/or discovery tasks
  • The Pure Storage SCOM support link visible in the alerts
  • Measurement unit issues in bandwidth, IOPS monitor, and rule
  • Some incorrect alert messages


  • Default threshold value of the bandwidth and IOPS monitors

Our team continues to develop enhancements and features, not only for future SCOM management pack releases but for all our Microsoft Solutions extensions and add-ons for FlashArray. You can always find our latest download links and support information in our Microsoft Platform Guide.