Command line tends to be challenging and difficult to use with most storage arrays.  In fact, many storage administrators are scared to utilize it.  BUT with Pure Storage, we took the same simplicity found in our GUI and enabled it in our CLI.  No training required to utilize this powerful utility to manage and automate iterative tasks.

Check out this super simple Pure Storage CLI Demo.

The demo includes the following topics:

Array Overview:

  • Command format and help  (pure [tab] [tab] -h)
  • High level array configuration and metrics  (purearray list)
  • Array and volume level performance statistics  (purearray monitor OR puremonitor)
  • Enabling support facilities  (purearray remoteassist —connect)
  • Testing features  (purearray test phonehome)


  • Creation of host / host group + assigning initiators  (purevol create AND purehost create)
  • Provisioning storage to a host / host group  (purevol connect)
  • Resizing a volume  (purevol setattr)
  • Creating a consistent snap across 3 volumes  (purevol snap)
  • Creating a clone and mounting it to another host / host group  (purevol copy)

Configuration Checks:

  • Listing all volumes / snaps / etc  (purevol list)
  • Listing all hosts / host groups  (purehost list OR purehgroup list)
  • Listing the hardware configuration  (purehw list)
  • Listing the arrays configuration (pureconfig list)
  • List the network interfaces  (purenetwork list)
  • Configure alerting and email addresses  (pure alertlist)

See you next time……

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