The data reduction is a great topic for both S4HANA and Pure Storage array FlashArray as they both can reduce your original dataset by a big factor.

S/4 HANA is simplified data model compared to the traditional SAP ECC 6.0 application due to the fact that S4HANA can reduce data footprint with highly compressed data and fewer tables.

Pure Storage provides the industry’s most granular and complete data reduction via FlashReduce, which is included with every FlashArray//m. For many applications, FlashReduce delivers data reduction savings that bring the cost of all-flash below that of spinning disk. On average, Pure Storage delivers a 2:1 data reduction ratio for SAP HANA based applications even though SAP HANA compresses the data by a big factor. Datareduction_story

When moving from SAP Business suite ECC 6.0 based on traditional database to S4HANA on Pure Storage FlashArray, you will see reduction carried out at each step as explained below.

  • The first step, Migrating SAP ECC 6.0 on traditional system to Suite on HANA will reduce your data set by 5x times. This is due to SAP HANA does compression, which results in at least 5x times reduction.
  • The second step, Migrating Suite on HANA to S4HANA will reduce your data by a factor of 2.5x. This is due to fact that S4HANA has reduced the tables and objects by ¾ times compared to the SAP Business Suite 6.0.
  • The third step, Deploying S4HANA on Pure Storage FlashArray reduces that footprint even further by at least 1.9x to 2.3x. This is because Pure Storage FlashArray is an industry leader in data compression and deduplication. It can reduce the SAP HANA data set by a factor of 1.9-2.3x further.


Below diagram explains the migration path with data reduction at each migration stage.

This means a 12.5 TB of SAP ERP 6.0 data on Oracle database can be reduced to 500 GB of storage footprint on S4HANA running on Pure Storage FlashArray//m. As seen in the below graph. The combined reduction is more than 25 times when migrating from ECC/ERP 6.0 to S4HANA on Pure Storage.



S4HANA and Pure storage FlashArray//m are the both great when it comes to data reduction. As shown in the above analysis Pure Storage FlashArray//m can reduce the already compressed HANA dataset even further by 1.9-2.3x.