I have updated the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit with a new cmdlet for testing Windows Server settings based on our best practices. The new release can be downloaded from here.

The new cmdlet is Test-WindowsBestPractices and leverages base cmdlets that are part of Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. There are improvements that can be made and I intend to expand the cmdlet with an output report and checking required KBs.

The screenshot below shows the updated Pure Storage PowerShell SDK and PowerShell Toolkit installed with their respective versions.


I have setup a host that does not meet our best practice recommendations. I have executed the cmdlet against the Windows Server host and the output is below. Since the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK and Toolkit are on the $env:PSModulePath
you can just enter Test-WindowsBestPractices. This cmdlet gathers some information as well as checks the settings of the host.

As you can notice in the above screenshot each of the MPIO recommended settings fail and prompts to apply the settings automatically.

If you have feedback or find issues with the new cmdlet please use the GitHub issues.

Other Updates

  • New Unregister-HostVolumes to offline Pure Storage FlashArray volumes connected to a Windows Server host.