Data drives revenue. Enterprises are keenly aware of the growing need to process massive volumes of data in order to innovate and meet the needs of customers in real-time.  For businesses that rely on Oracle, it is imperative to manage that data with high performance and uptime.

Oracle Database Administrators divide their time between daily maintenance tasks and implementing strategic initiatives to support data-driven business models. Certain operations around data – copying, cloning, and provisioning – can be time consuming and complex tasks. But these activities are necessary to support test, development and QA operations.  Ultimately, however, it is a drain on resources that leaves little time for innovation.

New Pure Storage Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for Oracle

To address these challenges, Pure Storage has released the Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for Oracle that delivers non-disruptive operations for Oracle Databases. This tool includes powerful features that help DBAs simplify copy, clone, and provisioning activities without impacting the system resources needed for primary database processing tasks.  Users can clone instantly from either command-line interface or directly from integrated functionality in Oracle Enterprise Manager.  Oracle CAT is available with every Pure Storage FlashArray //X and //M solution and does not require any separate license, maintenance or support costs.  With little effort, DBAs can conduct database copy and clone actions while monitoring progress and validating successful completion.

Limited Impact on Database Performance

Today’s production database operations require frequent database copies to provide the most current snapshots available to development and test/QA teams.  With traditional copy/clone tools, every database copy diverts system resources away from mainstream processing tasks and can impact production operations.  Because Pure Storage CAT for Oracle is built into the Purity//Run software in the array, performance impact is negligible. Removing this constraint on products means DBAs can create snapshots, and copy/clone at will without worrying about dragging down performance of the business.

A Growing Family of Copy Automation Tools from Pure

The release of CAT for Oracle follows quickly on the heels of Pure’s November 2017 announcement of the Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for SAP. Pure continues to innovate to deliver increased operational efficiency to Database Administrators at a reduced cost.  With end-to-end copy, clone and refresh built-in capabilities, clients can conduct tasks in minutes that previously took hours or days.  Eliminate redundant, manual tasks and take back valuable time with Copy Automation for Oracle and SAP from Pure Storage.