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Ready for HIMSS17 – It’s Epic ON FlashStack

Electronic health records (EHR) are central to the needs of today’s hospitals and health systems. For most HIMSS-goers, EHRs like Epic are familiar turf, but the complexity of supporting them in the data center still creates challenges for the IT department.  And as EHR functionality continues to mature, new features and analytics are causing performance and storage requirements to grow.  Hospital staff need immediate access to the EHR for delivering care, making treatment decisions, automating billing and communication, and conducting ongoing analytics initiatives like care management and population health.  EHR data needs to be always available, accessible, and compliant in real time.

This need for real time access to EHR data creates challenges for the infrastructure, particularly since infrastructure spending for healthcare providers doesn’t always keep pace with organizational demands.  For this reason, provider IT departments must seek the most cost-effective and efficient way to deliver EHR data. Many healthcare organizations are able to strike a balance between EHR needs and infrastructure spending by turning to converged infrastructure solutions in the data center.  Converged infrastructure, like FlashStack from Cisco and Pure Storage, streamlines datacenter management, with servers, storage and networking equipment offering reduced costs for cabling, power/cooling and floor space alongside simplified management.

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FlashStack from Cisco and Pure Storage enables health systems to maximize the value of their EHR investments with a flexible, all-flash configured infrastructure solution. FlashStack is built from industry leading components including Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS™) compute, Cisco fabric, and the all-flash FlashArray from Pure Storage.  The Epic ON FlashStack architecture combines compute, network, and storage components into a single integrated unit of data center infrastructure and has been tested and configured to support Epic.  Epic ON FlashStack provides healthcare organizations with what they need for a successful Epic implementation, including:

  • Scalability with consistent performance. FlashStack lets healthcare organizations grow their medical records systems with confidence, meeting their needs now and in the future without disrupting business processes or medical data. With FlashStack, organizations experience consistently fast performance with sub-millisecond latency built on 100% flash storage and supporting Epic implementations of all sizes.
  • Operational simplicity. FlashStack has been fully tested, validated, documented, and aligned with Epic guidelines to make deployments fast, easy, and reliable. FlashStack doesn’t require storage tuning or management of data tiers – all Epic data is stored on the same high-performance flash storage.
  • Resiliency and availability. FlashStack’s highly available architecture ensures that there is no single point of failure. FlashStack requires no planned downtime for maintenance or upgrades, and IT operations can run without disrupting business operations, even during upgrades and periods of product expansion.
  • Cost effectiveness. FlashStack offers lower total cost of ownership (TCO) as a result of its all-flash storage and efficient converged infrastructure configuration. The dense, compact configuration offers savings in power, cooling, and data center space.  The FlashStack solution allows streamlined deployment of virtual desktops and expansion when requirements grow, and low maintenance operation due to pre-configuration and smart design.
  • Quality partnership. Cisco and Pure Storage have built a network of FlashStack partners with the knowledge and experience necessary to help streamline the sizing, procurement, and delivery of FlashStack to meet requirements outlined in the Epic Hardware Configuration Guide.  The Epic ON FlashStack program partners offer single-point-of-contact support with ongoing monitoring of the arrays, to alert you and resolve potential issues before they become problems.  Pure works closely with Epic to ensure performance meets requirements, and a dedicated Epic support teams means most Pure clients meet or exceed Honor Roll requirements with Epic.

Customers see results quickly from converged infrastructure, and find that these results can be repeated when needed to expand and scale.  One large Midwestern health system, a FlashStack customer, recently implemented VDI for its Epic users and found results that included 10:1 data reduction and a 20% reduction in spin-up and breakdown time for its clinical images in an initial implementation.  These results demonstrated the business case for the health system and IT was able to scale out its VDI implementation to quickly achieve 100% of its VDI instances running on Epic, simplifying management and lowering TCO.   The same health system was also amazed and delighted to see 4:1 data reduction when moving its Epic Caché database and Clarity application to FlashStack.

Cisco and Pure Storage have worked closely with Epic to validate that FlashStack is aligned with Epic’s defined infrastructure requirements as outlined in its hardware configuration guide, and to ensure that Epic customers get the solution they need for a robust EHR infrastructure both for today and for the future.   Epic on FlashStack and documentation are now available! Visit Cisco at booth #1850 or Pure Storage at booth #6081 and follow us on Twitter @purehealthcare to learn more about Epic on FlashStack.