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Smart Storage for Healthcare

This is a follow-on post to On Machine Learning & AI in Healthcare, where I introduced the term Strategic Data Infrastructure Management. The easiest way that I’ve found to illustrate this is to outline what we, Pure Storage, do; we do Smart Storage.

Healthcare organizations are facing a perfect storm in terms of long-term financial viability: increasing costs, declining reimbursements, and explosive, yet warranted, data growth are resulting in a decline in operating margins, industry-wide, despite an increase in overall patient volumes. To bend the cost curve, we have to start somewhere, and we believe the path of least resistance and most immediate impact is at the infrastructure layer. But to do this correctly, we need to change the infrastructure acquisition and consumption model. This is the future, and healthcare IT cannot continue to perpetuate past practices.

There’s a need for a step-change breakthrough — without which the future of healthcare IT will not be sustainable, nor affordable. There is a better, simpler way — we call it Smart Storage for Healthcare. Smart Storage is effortless, efficient, and evergreen. Smart storage is cloud-ready. Smart storage is strategic:

  • You don’t re-buy the TBs that you’ve already paid for.* When your storage needs grow, simply pay for the additional storage that you purchase.
  • You don’t re-buy controllers (hardware) that you’ve already paid for.* If you need to upgrade your controllers within a 3-year cycle, you get a trade-in credit to use against the new controller. Better, if you don’t need to upgrade your controllers within a 3-year cycle, we will upgrade your controllers every 3 years as long as you are on active maintenance, keeping you current on the latest technologies.
  • Everything is non-disruptive — controller upgrades, capacity augmentation, capacity consolidation, software updates, firmware upgrades, etc. In fact, forklift upgrades are a thing of the past — with non-disruptive-everything, you get a “set-it-and-forget-it” experience. With an industry-leading 99.9999% of uptime including planned maintenance you’ll keep running, no matter what.
  • We have the best data reduction approach and algorithms in the industry, period, and we put our money where our mouth is with our Right-Size Guarantee. We guarantee your effective capacity, in writing, to provide you cost-effective and efficient storage without the risks of under-sizing. If we’ve over-estimated your data reduction rates, we will make you whole and complete.
  • We offer Flat-and-Fair Maintenance — we won’t increase our maintenance renewal fees, and, in fact, we may even reduce them.
  • All software is included. With Pure, all software functionality, both current and future, is included within our maintenance.
  • Forever Maintenance. We have no time limitations on warranty replacement, including on flash wear: Pure will replace any component of any model for as long as the array is under active maintenance.
  • Our customer satisfaction, measured as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), and audited by Satmetrix is industry-leading.
  • With Pure1 Global Insight, we apply Big Data Analytics to accomplish real-time predictive analytics and modeling on all of the thousands of Pure arrays deployed worldwide. We identify and resolve potential problems well before they happen. To date, we’ve prevented hundreds of Severity 1 cases using our predictive analytics.
  • TCO: this is often the last item that I touch on for a reason — it’s very important, but there are a lot more important things in the world of healthcare IT. Our conservative modeling demonstrates that you will enjoy a minimum 33% CAPEX/OPEX savings over the competition. The TCO only gets better from there.

You get all of the above, all inclusive, when you are a good maintenance-paying citizen, for life.* That’s strategic.

I’ll end with what I stated in my prior blog post. Our data infrastructure management model needs to undergo a fundamental transformation. We need to shift from a tactical model — one which is analogous to the processes of procuring surgical gloves and thermometers — to a strategic model — one where the data infrastructure melds into the background and allows us to focus on innovating and harnessing value from data. We need to break the never-ending bid-procure-install-configure-tune-run-monitor cycle. We need to move to a set-it-and-forget-it model. This is strategic data infrastructure management. This is Pure Storage.

You can read more about Smart Storage here and here.

*For more details, see our Evergreen Storage program terms – available here.