At Pure Storage, we do things differently. We don’t just sell data storage aimed at solving specific use cases and leave it at that. That’s been the conventional approach to storage for decades. Yes, we cover backup and recovery, data services, and much more, from high performance to high capacity, but we’re fundamentally different in that we approach data storage from an integrated systems perspective; we provide enterprises with a core storage platform that meets every enterprise data requirement in a single environment in an attempt to define the future of enterprise data management.

From a business standpoint, that’s pure simplicity. One storage system and platform to meet every single enterprise data requirement.  

It’s simple from a user standpoint, too. And while simple is never easy, our efforts bring intuitive, easy-to-use technology, combined with a world-class IT training program that empowers customers to not only uncomplicate their data estates but also provides their teams with the skills to build and manage future-ready storage systems and estates that are smarter, more sustainable, and more secure. 

To deliver on that, we’re proud to announce three new additions to Pure Storage IT Professional Certifications that address the mission-critical challenges and capabilities enterprises face today. Additionally, we’re excited to introduce a new Expert level certification, thus completing our certification suite. The Expert certification recognizes exceptional skills in advanced technologies and leadership in storage and data solutions. It offers and reflects a professional’s technical breadth and depth.

Three New Pure IT Professional Certifications

Our newest certifications address three key priorities we believe will define the future of enterprise data management: data protection from evolving threats; the complexity of migrations as legacy technologies are retired; and Platform Architecture, a unique, capstone exam that embodies our vision of the storage platform of the future.

Here’s more detail about each certification:

Pure Certified Data Protection Professional

This certification allows IT storage professionals to showcase comprehensive knowledge of Pure data protection methods and technologies. A Pure Certified Data Protection Professional credential signifies an understanding of the business and technical requirements relevant to data protection across the Pure platform and the ability to find the most appropriate data protection solution for any given business scenario.

Pure Certified Migration Specialist

The Pure Certified Migration Specialist certification provides an extra layer of credibility for senior IT professionals in support, solutions, and engineering roles who advise on best-in-class migration solutions. Pure Certified Migration Specialists have what it takes to skillfully navigate, optimize, and troubleshoot complex migration scenarios across the entire Pure platform. This certification requires specialized IT industry knowledge and competency in assessing the basics of third-party storage infrastructure. A Pure Certified Migration Specialist understands the relationship between pre-migration origin environments and all relevant Pure Storage solutions, for more desirable migration outcomes.

Pure Certified Platform Architect Expert

A Pure Certified Platform Architect Expert certification allows storage architects to ascend to the pinnacle of storage expertise by demonstrating their knowledge, practical experience, and skills needed to optimize the full potential of the Pure Storage platform. This capstone exam differentiates those who comprehend one Pure product from those who master the entire platform and its ecosystem, shifting from product-focused proficiency to comprehensive solution architecture. 

An IT Training Program That Evolves with You

These new certifications build on an already robust program of nine training certifications—and we can’t wait to hear how they help IT professionals stand out in their roles, get the credit they deserve, and deliver huge capabilities for their organizations.

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